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Convenient storage for personal or business documents

Cost Savings

Whether you have a retail store or you are a professional renting office space, the cost of renting your office space is far greater than the cost of renting storage. 

When you have to share your space with the documents you are basically overpaying for warehousing. 

The cost per square foot for retail or office space has historically always been more expensive than warehousing. 

By making use of one of Jiffy’s units you can create extra space in your retail store or showroom and keep seasonal goods and excess products stored away until they are needed. 

Furthermore, if you rent storage space from us, you can probably downgrade your retail space and save even more money. 

You can also offload your document storage and archival needs to us; freeing up square footage and saving you a bundle. 

Inventory management is key to having a successful business and the perfect money-saving opportunity.

Full-Service Document and Archival Services

Some types of businesses and professions have mandatory requirements for document storage. 

In any case, it’s good practice for any business to keep certain records to protect themselves from claims and there are even certain legal guidelines and requirements that should be adhered to and met.

Full-service document management and archival company can do things for you like filing, scanning, shredding, storage and retrieval, pickup, and delivery. 

However, all these things cost money and take away from the bottom line of your business.

Cost Savings Over The Traditional Solutions

Although we don’t offer full-service document and archival services, not every company requires more than simple document storage. 

If you need to retain records, but only need to access them a few times yearly there can be huge savings accrued by storing them with Jiffy Self Storage. 

When you store with us, you pay only for the storage and no other bells and whistles, self storage is your best low-cost option.

Professional Storage Consultation

At Jiffy we specialize in helping you with your document storage needs. 

We can offer you a free consultation with one of our storage consultants who can show you our temperature and humidity-controlled units and help work out a customized solution for you and your business. 

We make sure you have the space and configuration you need and in some cases, we are equipped to retrieve your documents for you and have them waiting at the office for easy pickup.

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We’re Easy to Find

Jiffy is located “on your way”. 

Because Jiffy is at the corner of highways 400 and 401, whether you or your employees are traveling north, south, east, or west across the city, we will inevitably be just a short stop right off the highway. 

A common misconception is to try and find a facility close to your business, but that means a special trip and more time wasted you could have used to make money. 

Choose Jiffy instead and stop on the way to and from your business and home or between your business and your clients and customers.

Let Jiffy be your document and archival service provider today!

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