Climate-Controlled Self-Storage Units

Beat the heat (or cold) and keep your property safe

Temperature Swings

Looking for a climate-controlled environment so your stuff doesn’t get ruined? The answer is probably a resounding YES. Here’s why: 

What you probably already know is that extreme temperature shifts cause materials to do funny things, like water getting cold and increasing in volume. 

If you’ve ever had a coke bottle explode in your freezer you understand this principle very clearly. 

Most materials do something when they get cold or hot, either expanding or contracting. 

When you have two materials attached together that have different expansion properties, for instance, a favourite wooden chair or table’s lacquer finish might not expand or contract at the same rate as the wood it’s bonded to; this can cause cracking. Not all the time, but you can’t predict the future and unless you want to take a chance on ruining your best table, climate control is the way to go. 

When you put things in a storage facility that is not climate controlled you are taking a big risk. 

Sure, you’ll save a bit of money upfront, but the reason you get to save it is that you assume some risk. 

Save your risk-taking for the casino and keep your furniture and valuables in the perfect climate-controlled storage unit.


The other upside of climate control is the humidity control that comes along with it. Besides fire, nothing is more damaging to your things than humidity.

Humidity is a doozy. Humidity attacks everything, especially metal. This means furniture and, of course, sensitive electronics. 

Humidity will conquer everything from cellphones to cameras to computers to hard drives and memory sticks. 

Basically, Mother Nature is constantly trying to restore balance to the world by destroying your things. We build buildings to protect ourselves and our possessions from the elements. 

Humidity is one of the most insidious because it destroys things, soundlessly, over a long period of time and you almost can’t stop it from getting inside. One day your hard drive is fine and you put it away for a couple of months. Then one day you turn it on to access a backup of your business files and nothing. Thanks, humidity! 

The same will happen to your furniture. Without a climate-controlled storage unit, you’re going to have a mildew problem, some rust, and tarnish.

We could offer outdoor units, it would be cheaper and we could rent more of them, but we won’t do it. 

You won’t be satisfied and your stuff will be ruined. You want to keep your goods in a place where they will be safe from the elements; that’s the bottom line.

Protect your things, make the right choice, go climate controlled.

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