Premium Storage

To meet high customer expectations for premium storage, Jiffy has renovated a portion of the ground floor and purpose-built new units as Premium Storage.

Why Choose Jiffy Premium?

There are numerous advantages to the Premium Jiffy Self Storage units

Our new top-of-the-line storage units are extremely bright, clean, versatile, and secure. 

Boasting extra wide loading doors, extra high ceilings, climate control, and filtered air supply, your fine art and antiques will think they are still nestled comfortably at home. 

Each immaculate storage unit has hard-finished epoxy floors and is individually alarmed, equipped with multiple power outlets and internet access is available should you require it. 

  • These storage locker amenities afford storage solutions never before provided by conventional Toronto storage companies.
  • There is a limited supply of these Premium units available because they are our most popular storage solution.
  • Unit sizes start at 141 sq. ft. and range in various sizes.
  • Our Premium unit customers are so satisfied with their units that we’ve never had a complaint.
  • Evolving consumer needs is the reason Jiffy strives to innovate the industry. Jiffy Self-Storage is the first Toronto storage facility to offer these types of storage amenities for preservation of heirlooms and other fine pieces.

Fully Climate Controlled

This means that the unit is kept at a steady 21 degrees C all year round. This is important for things that are sensitive to temperature swings as well as humidity. 

Climate-controlled storage units have almost no temperature swings and very little humidity on account of the system running almost constantly. 

Even units that claim to be climate controlled are not climate controlled to this degree. 

Storage spaces attract greater volumes of humidity and moisture and Jiffy’s Premium units are designed to keep your things safe and protected from these elements.

Please click here to learn more about the damaging effects of heat and humidity.

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In our standard units, you are relying on the light from the corridor to light up the inside of your unit. 

While some can get by, most of our customers bring a flashlight with them, or in today’s day and age use the flashlight found in their smartphones. 

The light that is cast is small and you have to hold it in one hand while you pack and re-arrange with your other. This is not an ideal system and many phone screens have been lost to dropping while a unit is being loaded and unloaded. 

Our Premium Storage units are well-lit, making loading and unloading a breeze. 

You don’t even have to flick a switch because the lights use motion-sensing technology to turn on and off.

Power, Internet, and Phone Line

Do you want to have a hard drive plugged in to run backups for your computer at home or at your office? You can set it up. 

Do you need cold storage? In this storage unit, you can have a refrigerator or freezer and hydro is included. 

Our units are power-equipped to allow you to access the internet if need be and you can even run a hard landline in the space.

Overhead Doors

All our Premium Storage units have an overhead loading door in addition to the regular man door. This really helps for ease of loading and unloading. 

Moving dollies fit easily inside the unit and you don’t have to squeeze in holding a box. 

Everything about these units is easy. 

When you are simply visiting your unit to pick up or drop off small things, you still have the ease of access that the man door provides.

Storage Solutions

Storage solutions starting at $53/month

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