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Toronto Business: Quickly Access Climate Controlled Storage

Small businesses, large companies, and retail operations all benefit from Jiffy Self-Storage Facilities Toronto. Flexible lease terms assist businesses with seasonal inventory and products that require permanent warehousing. Jiffy storage units can be leased by the month or by the year. Every GTA business also can benefit from our cheap Toronto document storage.

Business Storage and Inventory Management

Renting a storage unit for your small business can actually save you money that you can set aside for your company’s future.

Your small business can benefit from storage not only to save you costs but also to free up your showroom for bigger more eye-catching displays giving you the ability to earn more money per square foot from your main premises where you carry on your business.

Business Storage and Inventory Management

If you have a retail store where customers walk in, the more room you have in your store, the more of your wares you can display. 

When you have to share your retail space with your inventory, you are, in essence, overpaying for warehousing. 

The cost per square foot for retail space has always been more expensive than warehousing. Without a storage unit, you are actually paying more to store your goods on your main premises than if you were to house them at a storage facility. 

As a solution to this issue, our storage units allow you to take a smaller retail space and move your warehousing to our self-storage facility. That savings goes right to your bottom line; it’s like found money! 

Car dealerships have been doing this for years. A dealer will keep only the cars inside their premises that they are required to show customers; often not even their full line-up. In the parking lot they will keep the inventory they think they can move in a matter of weeks and they even have large lots offsite and sometimes out of the city where they rent spots for the cars they have in inventory but have not yet sold. 

The car dealer knows that the most expensive place to keep cars is indoors and they want to build the smallest building possible to showcase their vehicles while still being able to sell them. Imagine if they had to keep all their cars inside? They would need at least two CFL-sized playing fields to keep their cars in. 

Instead, they opt for a cheap warehousing solution to properly store their inventory. Inventory management is key to having a successful business.

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Location! Location! Location!

A common misconception is to look for a storage facility that is near your retail store. This thought is based on a good premise of trying to save time. 

However, the mistake is that you’re not looking for a facility that is near your store, you are looking for a location that is ON THE WAY to your store. 

This is where Jiffy Self Storage offers more benefits than our competition. We chose our location carefully. 

Jiffy is always on your way. Conveniently located at the corner of Highways 400 and 401 and with great access, whether you’re going north, south, east, or west across the city, you invariably pass Jiffy. 

Let us save you some money so you can make your showroom bigger and more enticing.

Small Companies With Big Business Needs

Expensive office space is often underutilized and used for non-productive things like storing files, redundant computers, printers or unused office furniture. This is a waste of money because if you downsize your office and move your storage of these unnecessary things offsite to a self-storage company, you can reduce your net monthly rental fees. The money you save goes directly to your bottom line.

Large Companies With Mobile Sales Forces

Many large companies in health, pharmaceuticals, perfumeries and other organizations that work with mobile sales forces of service reps use Jiffy Self Storage services for the storing and distribution of drug samples, marketing and print literature, point of purchase displays and more. We provide secured space for mobile reps and we can supply internet, light and power for companies that require these types of services for their reps and sales staff.

Retail Businesses That Want To Save Money

Here in our Toronto self-storage facility, multiple storage units are a great way to cope with fluctuations in seasonal goods. 

As inventory is used up, some or all of the storage space can be returned back to the self-storage facility. You can rent storage rooms as small as 5 ft. x 5 ft. or as large as 10 ft. x 20 ft. or larger if you need it. 

As your storage needs change or as stock is accumulating or depleting for next season, a cost-effective way to handle rotating stock is to store your inventory in a storage facility unit. 

As sales stock is exhausted, new stock can easily be picked up at the Jiffy Self Storage facility in Toronto. 

Also, don’t forget, Jiffy customers have free use of our heavy-duty carts and dollies that make movement of your stock a breeze.

Ideal for Mall and Plaza Stores

Many retail stores in shopping centres and plazas don’t have the luxury of extra storage space or if there is onsite storage space available, the cost of that space is usually prohibitive due to the large profits that retail plazas like to make on additional services for their retail tenants. 

A self-storage facility is an excellent way to reduce storage costs by housing seasonal items or storing large purchases planned for future sales.

Let Jiffy Self Storage Be Your Extra Storage Place

During times when a cubby hole in your retail store will not handle your growing storage needs, our climate controlled storage spaces will keep your stock in first class condition and our air conditioned spaces can also be rented with power, light and internet. As the next major selling season is fast approaching, we suggest that you reserve your space now at Jiffy before all the good spaces are taken.

Jiffy Self Storage has Business Self-Storage room sizes ranging 25 sq. ft. up to 500 sq. ft. or more.

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