Mobile Self-Storage Containers

You may be considering portable mobile storage containers as a convenient storage solution for your storage needs. Just like with anything in life there is an upside and a downside; there are trade-offs and conveniences.

The Upside

There are a few types of storage that are more convenient than portable mobile storage containers. 

You call them, they drop off the storage pod right in front of your desired location and you fill it on your own. 

No need to pack up your car and then unpack it into your unit. 

No need to rent a moving truck if your load cannot fit into your own vehicle. No need to wait for elevators in multi-storey storage buildings and no need to make multiple trips. 

Once the mobile unit is filled, you can either continue to keep it where it is, or you can call the company who will pick it up for you, load it onto their specialized truck, and cart it away. 

The company will then store the filled mobile container for you for as long as you need it. As far as storage goes, this is a super simple solution because of the following factors:

  • No travel time
  • No loading and unloading your car
  • No waiting for the elevator to be free

The Downside

Once the unit has been unloaded at the location of your choosing, you are now stuck with the size that you selected. 

Since you pay for every pickup and delivery, once the unit is dropped off, that is the unit you’re stuck with. 

If you have chosen a unit that is too big, you’re stuck with paying the fees for a larger unit for the duration of your storage. If you have ordered a unit that is too small, you may be stuck with many items that you have no place for in the mobile unit and now have to seek a traditional storage solution for the remainder of your things.

Mobile storage units often cost more than their traditional counterparts. The cost can also go up significantly when you factor in the pickup and delivery. 

Pickup and delivery are expensive and if you are not storing it on your premises you will be dinged for more fees if you need to access your things. 

The more often you need to access the locker during the duration of your storage, the more you are going to have to pay.

Mobile units take up valuable space on your premises, often blocking driveways and lawn space. If you have no driveway, you will have to check the local zoning bylaws regarding the legality of leaving a unit on the street. 

Be sure to also check with the mobile storage unit provider if their truck can access your location. In short, not every location is suitable for a mobile storage unit.

Lastly, Mobile units can be more leak-prone than a unit inside a multi-storey building like Jiffy Self Storage and they cannot be climate controlled.

To learn more about why it’s important for your goods to be stored in a climate-controlled unit click here.

In summary, the disadvantages of mobile storage outnumber the benefits:

  • Unit rentals are costly
  • Pickup/delivery is expensive
  • Accessing your unit in the rental period is possible but pricey
  • You need to have the space for the unit on your premises with extra room available for the delivery truck to come and go as you need it
  • Can be prone to leaks
  • Cannot be climate-controlled

Although at Jiffy we do not offer mobile storage solutions, we work closely with a corporate partner and would be happy to make a referral for you. 

Give us a call at the number at the top of your screen and we’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

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