Home Office Alternatives

Do you have a great idea for a business and are running it out of your home? Jiffy Self Storage can offer some services that can add value to your home business.

Recognized business address

Sometimes when you have a home business you need to project an aura of professionalism to your clients to fill them with confidence that you are going to be able to execute on your promises. 

A great many customers want to do business with a company that is sizable and has the capability to honour their commitments. 

Although you may be able to honour your commitments, your address goes a long way to convince your clients and customers that you are in the big leagues. 

Customers can get cold feet when they discover the business has a residential address. 

A recognized business address like the one you’ll get with Jiffy, creates the perfect way to put your clients’ minds at ease. 

Stationery, letterhead, and business cards with your recognized business address are the professional things to do and a great way to get ahead in your industry.

Take Your Home Back

No one likes clutter. It is a necessary evil that we put up with when we have to. You are running your business out of your home and the clutter is piling up. 

You have documents that need to be archived and stored. 

Your dining room table is now your research and development centre and you can barely move anywhere because your inventory is blocking the hallways of your home causing a real nuisance at best, and at worst, a fire hazard. 

It’s time to declutter and move some of your things to a storage facility – not just any storage facility, you are going to want to move them to a facility with climate control and security. 

Some of these files may be valuable and/or you may have certain legal obligations pertaining to their storage. At Jiffy we’ve got you covered. 

In the vast majority of cases, we can provide you with the security that regulations demand.*

*Please check with your insurance provider as well as your legal counsel to ensure that Jiffy has everything you need. If we do not, we will do our best to accommodate your sensitive files.

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Learn more about security here.

Storage Units Prevent Mess

Starting a business is stressful enough without having to deal with a nagging spouse constantly on your case about the state of affairs of the house. 

Sometimes, even when the business is running well and you feel that it’s not yet time to grow it outside of your home, you must do something to alleviate the concerns of the household. 

We can all tolerate some mess, but when it’s impossible to walk freely in our own home, it’s time to get organized. 

Instead of storing your inventory at home and clogging up any extra space, put everything in one of our storage units. 

Your spouse may still nag you, but at least it won’t be about your inventory.

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We’ll Help Grow Your Business

Trust us for your home office needs!

One of the great advantages of working in an office with an assistant is that when you are expecting deliveries there is someone to receive them for you. 

If you feel pinned to your desk at your home office, unable to go to meetings on some occasions, renting a unit with us can change your life and your business. Un-encumber yourself from waiting for deliveries and go meet clients and make sales. 

Grow your business instead of waiting for the mail. Let us receive deliveries for you; we can give you your freedom back. 

  • Client Work Area
  • Meeting Rooms
  • Fax, Phone and Photocopy Services
  • Major Truck Rental Agencies closeby
  • Full-Service Restaurant located onsite

Storage Solutions

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