Flood Damage ControlBefore you make your decision on which storage facility you are going to trust to safeguard your belongings, you should consider flood damage control. Some facilities are built below grade and don’t have proper drainage which can lead to your goods being destroyed by flood waters during the spring rainfalls and snow melt.

Our Flood Protected Facility

Our facility was built with flood water damage mitigation in mind. A quick trip around our parking lot reveals the steep grade leading from the high embankment, butting onto highway 401, all the way down to street level. When there is heavy rain or a large volume of snow melt, the water simply drains from the highest point (our facility) to the lowest point, which is not on our property. Our facility is built on a high point so that water runs downward and does not pool.

This type of construction helps to reduce the risk flood and water damage to your goods. Remember, the same way your basement can get flooded, a storage facility can also get flooded. Ideally, you want to pick a facility that is safer than your basement which is what we offer at Jiffy Self Storage. The idea of flood damage is why insurance companies prefer that you store your belongings in an above grade, multi-storey building far away from sewers and drains that can back up and cause flooding.

If your goods are worth the cost of storing them then you owe it to yourself to do the very best you can to keep them safe by using the services of a facility goes above and beyond when it comes to flood water damage prevention. Our flood damage defence is another great factor that sets Jiffy Self Storage apart from the other storage providers in Ontario. We did not renovate an old warehouse and convert it to storage, instead built a facility from the ground up purposed solely as a storage building. The designers and planners that helped create the project had a clean slate to work with allowing them to design the building from the foundation up for secure and safe storage.

Why Jiffy Storage Solution?

Did you know that many converted facilities have open ceilings to the underside of the deck or use light gauge wire mesh for ceiling separation? At Jiffy, the ceilings and floors in each unit are constructed from 6 inches of reinforced concrete. Overkill? Our customers don’t think so. Storing your belongings at Jiffy brings with it a certain peace of mind that you can’t get anywhere else. Was it also overkill to build our facility on a small hill? Absolutely not! Everything we have done and will do is to bring you a safer and more reliable storage solution. We can’t guarantee that nothing will happen to your goods, but we can mollify the various risks threatening the things you store with us. Whether it is water damage, flooding, fire, theft or mildew, we continue to apply each preventative measure possible.

23 Aug 2021

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