Heated Short or Long Term Storage in TorontoWhen getting ready to store your things you will be confronted with the length of time you will need to store your belongings. Sometimes, at the outset, you will know exactly for how long you will need to rent a unit; other times you won’t have a clear idea. This can be daunting for some would-be-renters, but it shouldn’t be. At Jiffy we’re ready to help you and field all your questions. Our experienced storage consultants are used to requests for both short term and long term rentals and can even offer advice on how to arrange your unit to reflect the length of your stay and your your specific needs (more on that later) in Toronto.

Flexible Storage Rental Units in Toronto

At Jiffy Self Storage we are flexible. You don’t have to tell us for how long you require the unit, we will let you keep it for as long or as short a time as you need it. In fact, we don’t try to lock you into long term contracts. You can sign a lease for as little as a month at a time! We welcome you to start storing with us for a month and see how your storage needs develop as your plans do. We all like for our plans to go smoothly, but sometimes life throws us a curveball. When that happens, we will gladly continue to honour your lease until you are ready to move out.

Some of our valued and loyal customers have been renting units with us for over 20 years! In some cases a rental unit is used as a basement away from home storing things like sleds, toboggans and winter coats in the summer and surfboards, water-skis and bicycles in the winter. Other customers take a unit for as little as a month and come back over and over. Are you in college and find yourself having to move every summer? At Jiffy Self Storage Toronto, we specialize in in smaller units that you can rent over the semester breaks while you travel, work or just hang out with friends and family. Need a closet or a basement offsite? We’ve got you covered.

Estimate the Size & Configuration of your Storage Rental Unit

Depending on your stay, the size and the configuration of your unit may differ. Our experienced storage consultants can help you understand the logistics and then you can decide what size and configuration best suits your needs. It helps to know the length of your stay from the outset so you can pick the best size for your needs and set it up right the first time, but don’t worry, our storage consultants can help and you can always change things around later.

It all comes down to length of your stay. Usually, the longer the stay, the better access you require to your things. Imagine for a moment that you pack all your things into your unit right to the gill and after two months, you decide that you really must have your vintage and collectable Elvis bust that is in a box all the way at the back right corner of your unit behind the dresser, dishwasher, dining room table, bedroom set, and your entire hardcover book collection. If you only need the storage units for a month because you’re moving homes or doing a short renovation, then there is little reason to worry about this; the probability of needing something from your unit is very low. However, if you are planning to store for more than a few months and you know that you will probably need to move things in and out from time to time, a slightly larger unit that is not packed as tightly, or that even has an aisle down the centre of it may suit your needs better. Our goal is to set you up with the most suitable storage rental option in Toronto that makes the most sense for your situation.

Call us, we want to help.

27 Jun 2022

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