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Here at Jiffy we are problem solvers. We excel at finding creative solutions to your storage problems and our storage specialists are always eager to help. At Jiffy, we don’t like to refer to these things as storage problems, but rather as storage challenges. Although you might be surprised at the questions we sometimes get, we never are. We’ve fielded all sorts of unusual requests in the past from “Will my stuffed goldfish collection be damaged?” to “Will my life-sized Bieber cutout fit?”. Please don’t hesitate to ask us for advice; even if we can’t accommodate your request we very often know who can and we’re here to help. This is one of the things that makes us unique. Give us a call today and ask your question!

An Array of Solutions

We offer a vast array of storage solutions for even the most discerning customer. We have helped small businesses manage their inventory and we have helped large businesses fulfill their legal obligations to archive their documents. We have had customers trust us with fine art and others that have trusted us with the first printing of their book. We have saved people’s marriages by offering a low cost solution for inventory and document storage for businesses that are being run out of their homes. We have saved people from damage to their furniture during home renovations by storing things with us for as little as 15 days! We have helped accelerate small businesses that need a cheap place to work out of as their business grows. Our low cost office space has few rivals in the marketplace. We have helped college students and world travellers keep their belongings safe while abroad with a very cost effective unit we call personal mini storage. Families park their RVs in our gated lot all winter only to take them in the summer for beautiful camping trips.

All of these things make us happy. We’re here to serve you and we find great satisfaction knowing that our effective storage solutions help your life run more smoothly.

A Case in point

We received a call from a tenant a while ago asking us for a 10’ x 20’ unit. This customer had an unusual situation where he needed the capacity of a large unit at the beginning, but would only need that size for the first few months because he was undergoing a full home renovation. As his renovation slowly progressed, he would be able to move some of his furniture back into his house as rooms were completed. This tenant was very price sensitive on account of the large spend for the home renovation and was really trying very hard to keep his costs down. At the time, we had a promotional incentive to pay the first year of storage out in full in advance. Doing so would entitle the customer to two free months rent in the first 13 months of the lease. The tenant asked us what we could do for him and we came up with the following solution:

We agreed to take our customer’s payment for the larger unit up front and in full, gave him the two free months rent and allowed him to move to a smaller unit as his needs dictated. We then arranged to refund him the difference between the original unit (the large 10 x 20) and the new smaller unit he would be taking. This monthly refund would then either be refunded directly to his credit card or towards future rent – whatever he wished.

We understood this person’s unique need and we made arrangements to suit.
Come store with us; we want to work with you.


Storage Solutions

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27 Apr 2017

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