Monitored Fire Systems

When you are choosing a storage facility, you must be sure that the facility has a monitored fire system as well as an automatic suppression system. This might seem like a no-brainer, but you’d be surprised to learn the number of facilities that have no monitored fire system at all or have just a locally monitored system (smoke detectors). Some facilities will have a suppression system, but it must be monitored as well.

Although we always hope there won’t ever be a fire in our storage facility, we have learned over the years to foresee the unexpected. Our management culture has always been to expect the best while preparing for the worst. A good fire suppression system is made up of two distinctive and very important components. 1) Its ability to suppress the fire and 2) Its ability to notify the authorities that there is a fire.

Our facility is monitored; so, in the unlikely event of a fire, the authorities will be notified as soon as trouble is detected. Being so central in the city and having such excellent access also helps to increase the chance that authorities will arrive on site in time to save the building and our customers’ contents. However, even with the best monitoring system, we are still very much at the mercy of the efficiency of our over-taxed emergency services as well as the prevailing weather and traffic patterns and time of day that a calamity strikes. As such, a well-equipped storage facility should be able to to fight the fire even before first responders arrive. Our facility is equipped with an extensive building-wide sprinkler system. There are sprinklers on every floor and they are designed to be able to reach every unit with a suppressive stream of water.

Let’s not forget the management aspect of the equation. In order for these systems to be relied upon, they must be serviced every year by a certified technician and stamped with approval. Next time you go to a storage facility, ask them to show you a current stamped fire certificate. Although most storage facilities require this by building code, it’s up to management to be consistent in getting them inspected as well as being on time in the scheduling of said inspection.

At Jiffy our priority is and always has been the safety and security of your belongings. When we think of safety and security, we often think about locks, alarms and cameras. However, an integral part of any safety and security plan is an effective method for dealing with fire. Normally, when we think about the safety and security of our things, an image of a burglar comes to mind. Fire is also a concern in this regard because the end result of untamed fire is the same; the loss of your belongings.


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24 Jan 2018

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