High Security Levels

Highly secured self-storageAt Jiffy, our focus is on security. Your safety, as well as the safety and security of your belongings, is our priority. At our storage facility we have several layers of security that complement each other and come together to paint our total security picture.

Cameras and DVR

There are 32 cameras strategically placed throughout our facility. Our camera system is viewed by the site manager on an oversized screen near his workstation. In addition to this, the cameras are tied into a DVR (Digital Video Recorder) which allows us to check back and view any suspicious behaviour. When you are looking into a storage facility, you will want to take note of the number and placement of cameras. You will want to see a camera positioned at every entrance and exit point, at the elevators and in the hallways. The idea is to make sure that the manager can always have a video log of who comes in and out of the premises. A storage facility that is equipped like Jiffy is in a good position to provide a high level of security.

Computer controlled access system

For a more in-depth look at the advantages of a facility governed by a computer controlled access system click here.

Having a computer controlled access system allows us to limit public access to our facility. Imagine if anyone could just walk around the storage facility freely? The only people granted access to our facility are Jiffy customers. When you move in we generate an access code for you and that is the only way you can get in. Our computer also logs the various access codes with a date stamp so we can look back to see if there was an unauthorized access to the building. There have been times in the past where we have tracked a tenant’s access code, looked at the date and time and found the culprit on our DVR (Digital Video Recorder). We were instrumental in helping a tenant discover who had used her access code and helped rectify the situation.

The computer controlled access system also helps us ensure that no tenants spend the night in a storage unit. We do not allow tenants to sleep in their units and we are successful in enforcing this rule by utilizing our access control system.


A much ignored security feature in our technologically advanced world is lighting. A well-lit facility makes for a poor target to thieves and others involved in what would be nefarious activities. A well-lit facility says to a thief, “Better try somewhere else”. There are just so many poorly lit storage facilities out there offering better opportunity for criminals or would be criminals. We’re not in the criminal business. We’re in the storage business and our job is to make sure your stuff is secure.

Lights aren’t just a criminal deterrent, they also help you see where you’re going. In the winter months this is especially important on account of the snow and ice. If you can’t see where you’re stepping because it’s too dark you take the risk of slipping and falling. At Jiffy, we don’t want you to fall. We want you to store your stuff safely. Another thing to consider is conscientious management. Just because a facility has many light fixtures doesn’t mean they turn them on or replace them efficiently. In the name of getting you a better price, facilities will often look to cut corners on things like this. The cost of hydro and replacing bulbs is quite high but we don’t care. We keep our facility well-lit because it’s the right thing to do.

Alarm system

Jiffy is protected by a monitored alarm system. We utilize our access system to ensure that the building is empty every night by 10:00pm. After the evening walk around is complete, the alarm is set and the building is secured for the night.

28 Apr 2022

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