Extra High Ceilings

Storage Unit With Extra High CeilingsYou might be wondering how high ceilings benefit you the customer. It’s all about cubic feet and more importantly the total cubic feet.

Although we normally refer to storage units in square feet when we are describing their size or trying to figure out what we can store in them, a better metric is more often the total cubic feet of the unit. Yes, there is a limit to how high you can pack things, but you would be surprised at how the way you configure things in your unit can have an effect on total useable space.

Why Extra High Ceilings

For instance, in our units you can put a couch up on its side against the far corner of the unit as you begin to fill it up. In facilities that have shorter ceilings, this is often impossible with larger couches. If your couch cannot be put up on its side and instead must be stored in its normal orientation, how many things would you want to pile on top of the cushions before you start to worry that you’ll ruin them? This problem is exacerbated further with leather couches that can crease and be irreparably damaged when cartons or boxes are placed on top of them. Without the benefit of high ceilings, half of your unit becomes unusable space.

This is where our units come into their own. Putting your couch up on one end allows all that floor space up to the ceiling to be reclaimed. You can sometimes move into a unit half the size you were using previously just by switching to Jiffy Self Storage. Once the couch is up on its side there is no danger of damaging the cushions. There will, in most cases, be space for you to put a moving blanket underneath the arm of the couch to cushion it as well as place a few light things on top of the other end of the couch, using every last square inch of space in your unit. Utilizing your unit totally and having the maximum space efficiency will mean that you are only paying for the storage you need and not wasting your hard earned money on the storage you don’t.

When inquiring about the clear height of the storage units, make sure to keep in mind that you actually require slightly more height than the length of your couch if you are planning to store it on its side. This is true for anything that is long and must be stored floor to ceiling because it needs to be entered diagonally before it is placed straight up, thus requiring slightly more clear height than is needed once it has come to a rest. You may have been faced with this scenario if you’ve ever measured your ceiling to put an IKEA floor-to-ceiling unit in and discovered that when you tried to lean it into place you did not have enough height for it.

Another important thing that sets us apart from our competition is our storage consultants. Our storage consultants are experienced at helping to insure that you only choose the unit size you need, no more and no less.

Jiffy thinks about your storage not in terms of square feet but rather in cubic feet. Take that metric and compare the price of our units in cubic feet against anyone else’s and you will see that we are significantly cheaper than the majority of our competition.

27 Jun 2022

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