Computer Controlled Access


Having a computer controlled access system means higher security. You can’t be there all the time to make sure that your belongings are safe; having an access system means that we can control, to a high degree, who enters the building. Imagine for a moment and picture in your mind the average drive up storage locker out in a random field somewhere. Anyone can drive up to any unit at any time. Does that sound secure to you? At Jiffy our access control system is integrated with our management software allowing us to grant entrance only to Jiffy customers. Anyone else that wants to access the storage units must first come and check in with the main office. This gives us an added level of control over the facility and helps to enhance the security of your belongings. Non-Jiffy customers are always accompanied by a manager or other personnel while inside the facility and not allowed to be near the storage units alone.


Imagine the prototypical storage facility; when you are accessing your unit, anyone can drive up right next to you. Our access control system limits the people inside the building to Jiffy customers only. This should give you some peace of mind knowing that the only people in the building, by and large, are Jiffy customers who have already presented ID to site staff before being granted tenancy. Jiffy is not open to the public; only to our valued customers.


A computer controlled access system guarantees us a higher level of reliability. You don’t need to rely on a manager manually inputting your code into the system. At Jiffy, when you move in, your code is automatically generated and emailed to you. At other storage facilities that don’t utilize a computer controlled access system, tenants can sometimes discover that their access codes were never activated in the system and they remain locked out until they can reach a manager! This is a serious inconvenience. Our system ensures that when your rent is in good standing your access to our facility is unencumbered. Plus, a computer controlled access system eliminates the possibility of human error when codes are input.

Real Time Updates

With computer controlled access your account can be updated in real time. If you miss a payment, all you need to do is call or login to the customer portal of our website and update your payment details. Your access will be returned immediately. It’s just that simple.

Access hours

Because we control access to the facility, all the access codes are automatically disabled at 10:00pm every night and re-enabled at 7:00am. There are storage companies that tote 24-hour access as an advantage. We have chosen not to go this route and it’s not save us money. It’s for your safety and security. Opening access to visits at any time of the night can sometimes attract a potential for nefarious activities. Our customers don’t mind giving up access from 10:00pm to 7:00am because it makes them feel safer and also allows us to set the alarm at night.

Lastly, when a facility allows its customers to access the building 24-hours a day, the site’s management can have a hard time making sure that there are no people sleeping in their units. Our computer controlled access system helps us prevent this unfortunate phenomenon.

Premium Storage

At Jiffy we have a small array of units that we call Premium Storage and Workspace Units. These are units that are set up to be more secure than our regular units. Our computer controlled access system actually ties these individually alarmed units into the system so that your access code unlocks only your unit. This means that anyone else trying to access your locker will trip the alarm.

To learn how computer controlled access makes our Premium Storage and Workspace units even more safe click here.

27 Jun 2022

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