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Did you know Jiffy was designed as a storage building from the ground up? That’s right, our building was designed from the drawing board as a storage facility. This is not some warehouse we converted for the purposes of leasing out storage units or a development opportunity. We put some sheds on hold for future development plans and the rest, as they say, is history. We want to be in the storage industry, we’re good at it and we have customer relationships going back almost 30 years. Yes, some of our tenants have been with us for almost 30 YEARS; right from the beginning.

The Jiffy Storage Structure
Jiffy is a three-storey structure boasting over 500 units, some of them small offices and Premium/Workspaces. Jiffy has a gated parking lot for large vehicles as well as retail stores along the front. There is a café, a tool store, an LED lighting shop, a payday loan casher, a car and truck rental company, a security system installer and a window washing supply store. You can learn more about our retail partners here.

Safety Matters To Us
When we built this facility we had your safety in mind. Want to know how many cameras we have? Thirty-two. You read correctly, 32. Our site managers can see practically every corner of our facility at all times. The camera feeds are watched from a giant 42” monitor on the wall right next to the manager’s desk. That’s bigger than most people’s TVs at home.

We Light The Night
Perimeter lighting: We’ve got it. Have you ever stored your valuables at another facility and arrived at night to access your unit? Have you ever caught yourself looking over your shoulder in the dark wondering if someone is watching you? Not at Jiffy! There are light packs all around the building, LED of course, as well as pole lights around the parking lot. We’re well lit and you can see the facility bright and clearly from highways 401 and 400 at night. Keep in mind that the door to your unit is located (in most cases) inside our computer access controlled building. The only people walking around our building at any time are either Jiffy Staff, Jiffy customers like you or aspiring Jiffy customers having a look around while being accompanied by a Jiffy staff member at all times.

Our Hard Work = Your Satisfaction
As you can tell we are proud of our storage facility and for good reason. We work hard to ensure that everything we do contributes to your overall satisfaction. We understand that there are a lot of choices out there for you but that you picked Jiffy. This is not lost on us and we show our appreciation by working hard to live up to the trust you put in us. We are constantly inspecting our elevator to guarantee 99.9% uptime, and we have a standing contract with our licensed pest control professionals to treat the building before we need it in order to safeguard our facility from intrusion by pests that can cause damage. This is an active business and we maintain it to exceedingly high standards.

We’re Always Available
Have you ever been at an unattended storage facility and had a problem with access, a lock, a late payment or something of the sort with no one around to help you? Did you know there is a custodian that lives on-site and the facility is never unattended? There have been many times we have had the pleasure of helping a customer after office hours. At Jiffy you are never unattended.

We Love Our Customers
We believe it’s our overreaching dedication to customer service that leads you to choose us again and again for the Consumer Choice Award – we’ve been winning it consecutively for 20 years now. We thank you for this honour and we give back by appreciating our customers.

The Jiffy Commitment
We know that even the most carefully laid plans can unravel and if they do, we stand behind our commitment to service 100%. Contact us and let us know if something was not up to the standards you have come to know and love so well and we will do our best to make it right. Our # 1 priority is customer satisfaction and we will jump through hoops to help you. That’s what we do; that’s what we’ve always done.


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28 Jul 2017

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Jiffy Self Storage is the recognized storage leader in Toronto GTA and the only self storage company:

  • Named by Toronto Life Magazine as Toronto's "best storage company."
  • Winner of the Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence for 20 straight years.
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