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The Art of a Professional Redesign to achieve the Highest Selling Price

Research has shown that home staging can cut a home listing’s time by half and fetches a higher sale price. Home staging is the design process of de-personalizing a private residence prior to putting it up for sale. This is often achieved by undertaking all or some of the following: De-cluttering, de-personalizing, updating, painting, rearranging furniture, renting furniture and accessorising.

A recent survey of home sellers found that staged homes sold for 6.9% more than homes that were not home staged. Today, the average home in the GTA is sells for about $450,000. As such, a staged home could fetch as much as a $30,000 premium over a home that was not staged.

De-clutter: Less is More
To stage your home properly, you are going to want to begin by de-cluttering. Although there are many avenues to explore in increasing the value of your home, by far, the cheapest and most effective thing you can do is to de-clutter it. Personal photos, awards, certificates, cultural and religious items are often removed to downplay the presence of the current homeowner. This helps potential homebuyers to not only feel more at ease during viewings, but allows them to focus on the property’s merits while imagining their own belongings in the viewed spaces. Homeowners do not see clutter since it is their stuff occupying the space. The homeowner’s’ biggest challenge is to correctly identify interior design faults and remove clutter. Home staging is not a science, but a professional home stager will make sure your furniture placement allows for easy traffic flow and visual identification of the purpose of each room in your home. If you have too much furniture, rent a self storage locker to temporarily store your belongings until you are ready to move into your new home. If you don’t have enough furniture, then rent or borrow some.

The data indicates that the less knickknacks and personal memorabilia lying around your home, the more potential buyers will be willing to pay. Remember, you are selling your house, not your home’s contents. By moving your personal effects to a storage facility like Jiffy you can actually net a savings when you factor in the higher selling price you may achieve by de-cluttering your home.

The Right Facility for Your Valuables
Since these are your prized possessions and irreplaceable personal and sentimental items, you need to take extra care in choosing a facility to meet your needs. The facility that you are choosing should have good security and be climate controlled. You don’t want to come back to your family photographs and heirlooms only to find they have been ruined by mould, mildew and/or temperature swings. Because we live in Canada, controlling the temperature swing inside your unit is of vital importance.

To learn more about the importance of climate control in your storage unit click here.
To learn about the dangers of storing antique, valuable and irreplaceable items click here.

At Jiffy we are proud of our security and track record of customer satisfaction. We also boast that all of our units are climate controlled. At Jiffy we’re only happy when you are satisfied. Give us a call today or click here to reserve a unit.


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28 Jul 2017

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