Divorce & Separation

Divorce or Separation stressing you out? Jiffy Self Storage has experience protecting your belongings and privacy.

Our staff knows the importance of not disclosing identities, personal information or other information about our clients to any outside source.

Privacy is Paramount
During a divorce or separation there may be times that you require a certain amount of discretion to be enforced with your personal information. The storage company that you choose should have a well enforced corporate privacy policy in effect that is practiced by its staff with diligence. Having a privacy policy and getting your employees to follow it are two very different matters. Sometimes a spouse will come in asking if their significant other has a unit at the facility. This seems like an innocent request since the person is not asking for any personal information, nor for access to the unit. The average manager can make a simple mistake and give out that seemingly harmless information causing a world of trouble. Once the spouse has that information, he or she can get a court order to force the storage company to give the spouse access to the unit and possibly even freeze the contents. At this point every storage company must comply with the court order. This situation could have been easily avoided with well trained and well informed staff. At Jiffy we are proud of our privacy policy and we practice it actively. Our staff is trained not to give out any details and to be on the lookout for this type of fishing for information.

We Take Care of Your Things
At some point during the separation or divorce proceedings you may find yourself in need of storage. Whether you or your spouse are moving out, or the home is being liquidated as part of the asset split, there will be a portion of your things that require a safe place to stay until things settle down. At Jiffy we are experts at short term storage, long term storage and storage that has no defined term. Leave your belongings with us for as long as it takes to get things settled. We won’t ask you how long you need to store your things, just tell us you’re getting divorced and we’ll understand that you don’t know how long you will need the unit for and we’ll rent it to you for as long or as short a time as you require; no questions asked.

Additionally we can provide expert advice on moving and packing, and can even refer you to reputable movers and packers that can assist and simplify your move to our facility.

Jiffy is the recognized storage leader in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area and the only self storage company:

Whether your requirement is for short or long term storage, your valuable possessions will be stored in a secure climate controlled environment so that when you decide to move out, your personal property will leave in the same condition as the day you first moved them in.
Why go elsewhere when you have already found the best? Contact us to reserve the most economical size before they’re all gone! Or call the number at the top of your screen. We are available 24/7.


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22 Feb 2017

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Jiffy Self Storage is the recognized storage leader in Toronto GTA and the only self storage company:

  • Named by Toronto Life Magazine as Toronto's "best storage company."
  • Winner of the Consumers' Choice Award for Business Excellence for 20 straight years.
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