Other Storage Uses

Other Storage Uses

Diversity in Storage

The reasons people need storage varies wildly. At Jiffy we get all sorts of customers storing such a wide array of things that we can’t even begin to list them all here. Some customers store the more usual sort of things, like household items, or in the case of businesses, inventory and documents. Other customers have been known to keep unique collections. We’ve even had a tenant that had his unit filled completely with stuffed animals! The unit was totally packed floor to ceiling and wall to wall! Ask our manager about the largest bobblehead collection he has ever seen and you’ll be sure to illicit a smile from him.

Buy Yourself Some Time

Sometimes people store with us because they are downsizing a house, or perhaps a parents house. We’ve helped many customers who have sold their parents’ home and stored all of their parents’ belongings at Jiffy to divide up and go through later when it wouldn’t be as painful to do so. Sometimes it’s just too fresh to look through all those old memories so soon after the passing of a loved one. Other times, a parent moves to smaller apartment or a long term care facility and Jiffy is a place where belongings can be kept safe until everything can be sorted out once things have a chance to settle down. We all lead very busy lives and sometimes you need to put off dealing with certain things to handle the higher priorities first. Storage can buy you some much needed time to get your life back in order before you have to take care of the details.

Divorce and Separation

If a couple splits up and sell their home or leave their apartment, storage can alleviate some of their woes by offering a place for their possessions until they can decide on a new place to live. Moving homes is never easy and in this case there is an extra emotional burden on top of the usual feelings and anxieties that come with moving. Let us give you some peace of mind while you work out the more important things in your life.

Home Stagers

You may not know this, but if you are selling your home it makes a lot of sense to move most of your things out of the house while you prepare to show the property. Research suggests that prospective buyers connect more to a home when there are fewer personal effects out on display. These studies suggest that a prospective buyer has an easier time identifying with and imagining themselves living in a home where there are fewer personal effects around because when the home looks like someone else lives in it, they cannot imagine themselves in that home as easily. Your personal effects, which you assume give so much character to the house, actually make it more difficult for a prospective buyer to connect to your home. According to this research, the extra value you can bring to your home will surely pay for the storage of your personal effects many times over; that is what we would call a good investment.

Some Other Storage Uses

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28 Apr 2022

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