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Storage During Home Renovation

Renovations are very disruptive. When you are renovating your home, the space that you are accustomed to using becomes quickly cluttered with the overflow of stuff from the rooms undergoing the work. A messy house under renovation can cause a strain on your marriage or get in the way of dating. Even when the work is limited to one sector of your home, all the furniture and personal items that were once in those rooms now have to inhabit the other areas of your home; in essence, doubling the amount of space you lose.


Reclaim Your Life Through Storage

Renovations can take time and are often rife with delays. Although you may be ready to weather a small house for a few weeks, these things have a way of stretching on for months. It’s called the “while you’re already in there, you might as well …” syndrome. As such, your house can become difficult to live in and the added stress on you and/or your spouse can be a recipe for disaster. To learn more about the possible outcome of renovation stress click here. Find a suitable storage company to store the items and furniture that are going to be displaced during your renovation. It’s bad enough you don’t have a kitchen, but you don’t need to trip over the breakfast nook chairs on your way to the bathroom in the middle of the night!

At Jiffy we specialize in short term storage and we are proud of our security and reputation. Reserve a unit today!

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Keep Your Couch Dust-Free

Assuming that you can handle the mess, and you’re confident that it won’t end your marriage, you may decide to be frugal and cover your furniture rather than move it to a storage facility. Unfortunately construction dust becomes a factor. When you are deciding if you should store or cover your furniture and belongings, make sure to compare the cost of cleaning or replacing your furniture against the cost for storage. A well-maintained and climate controlled storage facility has an extremely high probability of keeping your furniture in the same condition as you left it, even for an extended period of time. When you renovate you face the risk of accidental damage to your furniture, art and antiques. Apart from accidental damage, the dust generated from the construction is very harmful to your furniture, particularly drywall dust. Drywall dust is so fine, it finds its way into tiny cracks and crevices that sometimes cannot be cleaned, and because of its makeup, the cleaning agents used to remove it can damage the very thing you are trying to clean! Your best bet is to store your furniture and personal items at a reputable, clean and well-maintained storage facility. Jiffy invites you to come and inspect our facility. We are proud of our upkeep and of our stellar record of zero complaints with the Better Business Bureau. At Jiffy we take better care of your things because we care about your things. Call or email us today to reserve a unit.

Avoid Storing Your Valuables in The Cold

Don’t make the mistake of storing valuable, sentimental or irreplaceable furniture or art in your unheated garage. The cold of our Canadian winters will damage your things. Even if we are lucky to endure a mild winter, the humidity alone will deteriorate the condition of your belongings if you store them in your garage. The best option in this case is a climate controlled storage unit from Jiffy.
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