Choosing The Right Storage Unit Size

Finding the right size

Choosing Right Storage sizeSo you’re new to the storage game and you have no idea how much space you will need. That’s ok. That’s what we’re here for. Our storage specialists are adept at helping you figure out the perfect size unit for your unique storage needs. It’s like having a personal shopper!

The perfect unit size for you is the smallest possible unit that can still accommodate all of your storage needs. This sounds simple, and it is, to our specialists, but it can be tricky if it’s your first time storing. For example, our storage specialists take into account if you will need access to your things while they are stored. If you do require access to your things while they are in storage, our specialists might suggest that you take the next size up leaving you with an aisle down the middle of your unit. The aisle allows you to reach all the way to the back of your unit without having to unpack the unit every time you need something. Alternatively, if you will not require access, our specialists will help you pick the smallest unit possible. Our trained staff take this and many other things into account, when they guide you through the storage process. This is a service we provide and we are proud of how good we are at matching units to a customer’s needs.

Do you have document storage or archival needs?  

If you are responsible for storing corporate records, we can also help you find the right size unit for this task. Our staff will help you configure your new offsite filling room with your access needs in mind. If these are records that you are probably never going to need access to, but are required by law to retain for a number of years, we can fit a storage unit to the exact number of boxes that you have. All we need are the number of boxes and their size and we can calculate the square footage for you right away.

If these are records you will require access to from time to time, this requires a gentler touch. Our trained staff can plan the unit with the requisite number of aisles that are needed to allow you the level of access you desire. The boxes can be stacked higher and there will be fewer aisles. Conversely, the boxes can be stacked lower creating more aisles. The perfect unit size is really dependent on what exactly you need and we at Jiffy excel at helping you figure just that very thing out! We’ve been in storage for a very long time and we are looking forward to sharing the tips and tricks that we’ve gleaned over all these years with you.

Give us a call and let us help you pick the size that meets your needs!

Sizes! Sizes! Sizes!

At Jiffy we have a size that will fit every need. We work with you to find the size that most closely fits your need. Give us a call today so we can find the perfect sized unit for your belongings, documents, art and other valuables. To see our sizes available click here

28 Apr 2022

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