Frequently Asked Questions

We’ve compiled answers to common self-storage questions here. Learn the best way to pack, stack, and get your move on track here!

What kind of documents do I need to provide to rent a unit?

We require a government-issued photo ID at the time of renting the Toronto storage unit. If you’re not sure which ID to provide, call one of our storage consultants for more information.

Is a security deposit required?

We do not require a security deposit because it only creates an additional financial burden for the customer. However, we do offer prepayment in exchange for discounts. Ask your Toronto storage consultant how you can save even more.

Do I need Content Insurance?

Please check your Home Insurance Policy. In most cases, when you move goods offsite from your home, the same goods are not covered. For our storage tenants’ convenience, we offer content insurance at affordable rates, which can easily be added to your monthly rent.

How much does a 5 × 5 sq. ft. storage space, paid in advance 12 months, cost (heated vs. unheated cost space)?

We do not publish pricing for various sizes because our prices change seasonally and there are Manager’s Specials that may also apply. It is best to check with our manager first to get the best pricing.

Can I get storage without a credit card?

No problem. At Jiffy Self-Storage clients can pay with cash, cheque or debit card.

I am not sure of the size of the storage unit I need. Can you help?

An expert storage consultant is available to help you select an optimally sized self storage unit that suits your needs, you can also check with our size guide. It is important to get their advice so that you will not book a unit that will be smaller or bigger than what you require.

Do you hold auctions for delinquent accounts ? if so when? Can you put me on a mailing list?

We do not promote auctions. However, we do publish auctions online and in newspapers but very few of our tenants default on their rent obligations.

Can I reserve a unit in advance?

Absolutely! In fact, we recommend that you reserve a unit in advance, especially when we are heading towards the high rental season. The benefits are (a) you are sure to have a unit for you, and (b) if a limited-time promotion with rent discounts expires on a certain date, those rates will be honored for customers that reserve in advance of the anticipated self storage move-in date.

Do you have moving carts?

Yes, we provide moving carts without an additional cost. There are various styles available for different types of storage moves. Ask us which type would be best for your move.

Is there a lease to sign? Am I locked in? I’m not sure how long I will need your Toronto mini storage.

We do require a lease to secure your storage space. However, the storage room lease is month-to-month or for a portion of the month that you require the space. You are not locked in for a certain period of time unless you request a long term storage lease. You can vacate the unit by giving one month’s notice. More importantly, the lease is a document that states the terms of your stay so you are never without a record for referencing your rights as a tenant.

Can I transfer to a larger or smaller unit after a few months?

If you think the size of the storage unit you rented is too big or too small, we recommend that you transfer to a more optimally sized unit (depending on the availability). We will make this change for you without any additional fees so you never have to pay more for your unit than necessary.

Do your Toronto storage facilities have mailboxes for personal or business uses?

We offer personal mailbox units for rent so that you can receive your mail when you are away from home. If you are taking a sabbatical or an extended holiday overseas we encourage you to take advantage of this cheap service. Or, if you are running your business from one of our Jiffy Workspaces or from your self-storage unit, you can start receiving your mail at the same address where you operate your business.

Can I prepay the rent in advance ? Is there a discount if I do so?

If you prepay for a year, your 13th month is free. Or, prepay for 6 months to get 50% off from the 7th month. When you consider the interest you’d pay to rent a unit somewhere else, prepaying for your mini storage unit at Jiffy is a much smarter way to save your money.

Does Jiffy maintain any kind of pest control in the building?

We do indeed! Since we cannot control what comes into the building and especially during fall when it is natural for rodents to look for warm shelters over the winter, we contract with reputable pest control services to keep the Jiffy premises free from rodents and other pests. Also, our interior storage units in Toronto are climate controlled for the safekeeping of your personal and business effects.

Do you sell boxes and other moving supplies?

We have a full-service shipping supplies store located on our office premises. You can purchase specialty boxes like wardrobe boxes, china packaging boxes, multiple-sized cartons for packing, tapes and tape guns, mattress covers, reinforced corners for large pictures and mirrors, and much more. We are your one-stop-shop for everything related to your move at very competitive pricing.

My mother has sold her house and is downsizing to a retirement home. Do you provide a packing service for her excess belongings?

We can refer you to various services that can pack items destined for storage and also move them directly to your self storage space. We do not specifically provide this packing service, nor do we have any affiliation with them. However, we only refer qualified service persons to self storage clients known to have excellent track records with previous clients that have already used them.

Are there other fees other than the storage cost?

Besides storage costs, there are optional costs like insurance and there is a one-time setup fee of $15.00. You will have to supply your own lock when you move in or you can purchase a lock at the Jiffy moving store where you can also procure all your moving supplies at very competitive pricing.

I do not need any special features such as climate control. Do you offer no frills non-heated storage?

We have a limited number of unheated storage spaces. Please contact the onsite Jiffy Self Storage manager for the availability of these units. However, persons storing personal effects such as padded furniture, mattresses, and electronics (computers, digital cameras and HDTVs) should store them in heated or air-conditioned storage units because the chance for damaging mildew and mold will be reduced to virtually zero. Delicate circuits found in today’s complex electronics should not be stored in humid environments further reducing the risk of corrosion to microcircuits and computer chips.

I am not able to contact you during regular business hours. How can I reach you?

Fill in the contact forms located on our website and inform us of the times and ways that we can contact you. Also, you can contact us after hours and one of our colleagues will inform us of your request.

I am an eBay seller. Can you accommodate my need for inventory and internet access?

We have air-conditioned work spaces with internet access. Each of the Workspaces comes with a roll-up door for larger items and a man door that allows access into your combined office/storage space. If you have to take delivery of items that do not fit in your Workspace, we can rent you storage rooms to cover your immediate needs and when excess inventory is depleted, you can return your extra storage unit back to Jiffy when you are done. This type of flexibility for space always works to save you money rather than renting a larger industrial space and paying rent on an oversized storage space that will be not optimally utilized most of the time.

I am a student and need storage for just a couple of months. Can you help me?

Sure, no problem. Whether you need storage for one month, two months, or six months, we are here to help. We also have a referral program so that you can reduce your storage costs just by referring fellow students. Call the facility storage manager at the phone number located on this page at the top right side.

We need some physical help with our move. Can you help us?

We can refer you to persons and companies that specialize in moving. Although we have no affiliation with them, we are glad to supply you with the names of companies that are specialists in their fields and have an excellent track record with our clients.

We have sports equipment and gear. Can we store gear for six months and then vacate?

Yes, you can store as long or as short as necessary.

What times can our locker be accessed and is there an access charge?

Storage lockers can be accessed 365 days per year between the hours of 7:00 am to 10:00 pm. Our philosophy is that most people can handle storage needs during these times and we would rather be closed in the middle of the night than allow person access while no one is around. This is one of our security measures that work in tandem with our electronic surveillance systems. If you will need 24-hour access, we would rather not accommodate this need than allow persons uncontrolled access during the wee hours of the morning. You can access your self storage unit as many times as necessary during the above hours without any additional charges.

I am working with an international client that needs to store some boxes. He also needs someone to accept deliveries for him. Can you accommodate his needs?

No problem, as long as your client pays with his credit card. We can also receive deliveries for him upon your client signing a waiver for us to accept parcels. This is a service that we provide many of our business clients.

How can I contact you?

You can contact us in various ways. Contact information is as follows:
Phone: Use the following phone number 416-74-JIFFY (54339)
Email: Use various REQUEST INFORMATION forms located on our contact page
Fax: 416-740-1381

Can you provide moving service? I do not have a car.

We do not provide moving services, but we can recommend movers that other storage clients have used that have had an excellent experience. We are not affiliated with movers so you will have to make direct contact with them. If you want our list of preferred movers, please contact the facility manager for information.

If I sign up for a year, will I save money?

All our storage agreements are monthly so if you plan to stay a year or more, there is no discount. However, if you prepay in advance for six months or one year you will qualify for a discount. For information on storage discounts, contact the facility storage manager.

Do you store file boxes? I have about 50 bankers boxes. What size do I need?

A 5ft. x 5ft. storage unit can easily store more than 50 bankers boxes. You’ll save money when you choose to store at Jiffy over conventional document storage facilities. We have storage consultants on staff that can help you with your document storage needs.

How tall is a storage unit?

Most storage units are approximately 10 feet high. Sometimes you can save space if you store a long item diagonally or vertically in your Toronto storage unit. For example, if you have a canoe, you might be able to store it diagonally, saving floor space. The same applies for items like screens, poles, awnings, rolled carpets and other storage items that are long and narrow.

Do you provide heated storage?

Besides heated storage, we also have air-conditioned storage and unheated storage. Check with our storage consultant to see which type of storage would be best suited for your particular needs.

Can I store my motorcycle indoors?

Yes, we can store any number of motorcycles or other types of internal combustion engines provided all gas is drained from the tanks while stored. It is mandatory that the gas tanks be emptied so that in case of fire, there will be no gasoline to feed it.

What can be stored in the outdoor storage compound?

We store trucks, RVs, personal watercraft, cars, boats, landscape, and construction equipment. We also have power for engine block heaters for professional drivers storing trucks over the winter.

Are you a member of the Self Storage Association?

We are a member of the Canadian Self Storage Association and also have an affiliate membership with the American Self Storage Association. We are also members of and in excellent standing with the Better Business Bureau and the Toronto Board of Trade.

Why do I need self-storage content insurance since you already have a number of security deterrents in place?

Just like home insurance on your contents, you never expect to use it unless there is a case of theft or damage. While our track record speaks for itself, you are insuring for uncontrollable perils like smoke and fire damage, theft, and other events that are highly unlikely. For just a few dollars per month, you can have peace of mind that in the event of a problem your goods will be covered up to the extent of the optional coverage.

Do you sell insurance for our goods in storage?

Yes, we can sell you content insurance for as much as you need, but sometimes you can get extended coverage with your current insurer for offsite storage. Check with your broker if this type of insurance is available.

We are not sure how long we will need storage for. We are home staging our house for selling and once it sells, we will have a better idea of how long we will need a storage unit. Can we rent temporary storage space by the month?

At Jiffy Self Storage, you are not forced to rent your storage space for any specific term; just rent on a month-to-month basis. In fact, in your particular case, monthly storage is the best way to go because until you buy again and have a new closing date, only then can a final move-out date be determined.

We are moving from overseas and our stuff will be delivered in a container. I will not be there to unload when it arrives. Can you accept the container on our behalf?

We can accept storage containers on your behalf once an agreement is signed for a self storage space. You will have a week of free storage of the container for the removal of your goods to a storage locker.

Do I have to sign an agreement for a minimum period? I am not sure how long I will stay.

You can sign a monthly agreement that can be terminated on one month’s notice. This allows you to stay as long as necessary and you are not forced to pay for extended storage services other than what you actually use.

Are there discounts for long term storage?

We provide discounts for prepayments of rent such as six or 12 months. To find out the prepayment for various terms, contact our storage consultant.

Can you give us pricing on mobile storage?

We have affiliations with various mobile storage companies that have their own pricing. The size and distance will determine pricing. Before we can figure out pricing, we will have to get details from you such as the location of the drop and destination after the first drop.

Can you refer us to a Toronto mover?

Although we’re not affiliated in any way with third-party movers, we can still refer you to experienced Toronto movers that have an excellent record of performance with many of our past and current storage clients. However, if you use one of our preferred movers, you will have to deal directly with them if any issues arise. Furthermore, if you are in need of some extra moving hands to help you move in your own or rented truck, we can help. Just ask us. We have the answers to enable you to have a low-stress, easy move. That’s why more people depend on Jiffy Self Storage for their Toronto moving and storage needs.

Does Jiffy have a shipping/receiving service for accepting goods that will be shipped to our storage unit on our behalf?

We will accept small shipments on your behalf and hold the same shipments for pickup in our office for no more than five days so that you do not have to be available to accept your shipment – after signing a waiver for us to accept shipments on your behalf. However, if you are planning on receiving large shipments, someone will have to be retained by you, like a mover or cartage company to pack your goods into your storage locker.

What is your pricing?

Pricing varies by season and availability. You can view our rates here. Jiffy staff are familiar with season pricing, self storage discounts, and other promotions and can customize a program for you so that you’ll store more for less money. Also, most people overestimate their storage requirements only to find out that they rent more storage space than they need. Allow Jiffy’s storage expert consultants to assist you in choosing your Toronto storage unit that is optimally sized and more suited for your specific needs and check out our size guide for more information. Why pay more than what is necessary for your specific storage? Contact us for details.

What storage unit sizes are available?

Choose from 5ft. x 5ft., 5ft. x 10ft., 10ft. x 10ft., 10ft. x 15ft., 10ft. x 20ft. We also offer larger units plus a variety of sizes in between. You can view the sizes we currently have at our locations. You can trust Jiffy Self Storage to have the right size self storage unit for every storage need.

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