4 Dec 2014

Most Valuable Video Games

Video games are changing every day. The design of popular games has come a long way in the last 25 years. As the graphics and storylines improve, players expect new and improved elements in the games they purchase.

Most Valuable Video Games

But some of the older games have increased in value with time, despite their dated technology. Perhaps for that reason, along with their scarcity, many of the games have been sold for tens of thousands of dollars.

This has led to collectors seeking out (and paying for) some of the most valuable games out there today.

The Value of Video Games

The reason most collectors pay large sums of money for video games is the nostalgia and rarity that some of these games possess. Not all video games are alike, and some have become quite valuable.

But only a handful has reached record prices and keeps collectors on the lookout for copies. The following are some of the most valuable video games.

Birthday Mania

Released for the Atari 2600, Birthday Mania has become one of the most sought after games. There is only one copy that has been verified to exist, making it one of the most rare of all the collectible video games.

The game was packaged in a box that could be personalized and consists of various games involving birthday candles and balloons.

This game is currently valued between $15,000–$35,000.

1990 Nintendo World Championships: Gold Edition

This is a commemorative game that was given to winning participants in Nintendo’s 1990 Power contest. Packaged in a gold colour casing, it includes a combination of several popular games including Tetris, Super Mario Bros., and Rad Racer.

Currently there are 26 verified copies out on the market, and just 90 of the models with grey casing. This game is valued between $15,000 and $21,000.

Atari Raid

Only 12 copies of Atari Air Raid are believed to exist. The game was produced in a unique blue casing with a t-shaped grip handle. Recent copies have been sold for $14,000 and over $33,000, making it an incredibly valuable collector’s item.

1991 Nintendo Campus Challenge

Much like its 1990 World Championships game, Nintendo’s Campus Challenge has also become a valuable collectible for enthusiasts. The game consists of 3 games and was produced in conjunction with the company’s campus gaming tournaments.

A copy was discovered by a former Nintendo employee and was sold for $14,000.

Tetris (Sega Version)

Tetris was a popular Nintendo game that was subsequently produced by its competitor Sega. However, as a result of Nintendo’s legal challenge, Sega’s Tetris was never put on the market. With fewer than 20 copies believed to exist, it’s become incredibly valuable to collectors.

Sega’s Mega Drive version of the game has been reportedly sold for $1 million, indicating just how valuable the remaining versions might be.

The prices being paid for these valuable video games shows just how important they are to many gaming enthusiasts. Their rarity and nostalgic value have skyrocketed their value over time. The future will likely produce many new classics that will be cherished in years to come.

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