2 May 2016

How Much Is My Coca Cola Memorabilia Worth?

Coca-Cola is more than just a tasty beverage – it’s an ubiquitous, iconic brand, that for some has become closely associated with a classic North American upbringing. And, as with almost every brand that manages to evoke so much sentimentality, Coca-Cola memorabilia has been around for nearly as long as the brand itself.

Valuable Coca Cola Memorabilia

If you have some of this memorabilia you might have a few questions:

  • How much is my Coca-Cola memorabilia worth?
  • Is it even worth storing?
  • Should I be selling my memorabilia at an antique shop for a premium, or should I let it go for twenty-five cents at my next garage sale?

Depending on the characteristics of the memorabilia you have, the answers to those questions could be very different. Read on before you haul your case of old coke bottles all the way to the antique shop or give a garage sale patron a little too good of a deal on what might be a valuable cultural artifact! A few factors that may influence the monetary value of your items are:


As with most antiques, older is generally more valuable. For example, a glass coke bottle from the 1890’s may fetch close to $5000, whereas a similar looking bottle from just 30 years later may only be worth $5-$20. This is partly to do with age, but partly because of another factor, namely…


A big reason that the 1890s bottles are so valuable is because there were so few of them made. By the 1920s, Coca-Cola was popular enough that literally millions of bottles were produced, severely decreasing their present value. If you do have a seemingly rare item, also make sure you can verify the…


As with anything with monetary value, Coca-Cola memorabilia enthusiasts may run into their fair share of counterfeit items. The safest way to ensure that you are getting an authentic piece is to purchase from a certified dealer or reputable auction house.

Remember, an item doesn’t have to be worth a lot of money to be valuable. A lot of people collect Coca-Cola merchandise because it brings them joy, regardless of the monetary value, so don’t shy away from a piece you love just because you can’t sell it for a small fortune at an auction! Here are a few items that have recently been sold at auction for significant amounts:

Spinning Sign – $1955

Coca Cola Spinning Sign

Cardboard Sign – $2070

Coca Cola Cardboard Sign

Canadian Coke poster – $5,462

Canadian Coke Poster

Questions to Ask When Assessing Coca Cola Memorabilia

These examples highlight how difficult it can be for the beginner collector to assess the full value of Coca Cola memorabilia within the marketplace. To gain a clear understanding on the potential value of a product, it’s important that you ask the following questions:

Does the product have a special connection?

Beyond its connection with the Coca Cola brand, a product can often be associated with a specific event in history or a person. This special connection might help to increase the value of the Coca Cola product significantly over its original pricing.

How easy is it to replicate?

Many collectible buyers are risk-averse, and are unlikely to invest a significant amount of money in a product that might have been replicated at a later date. It’s important Coca Cola memorabilia is sold with an authentication document to ensure you achieve full value for your investment.

How will the product be stored?

After the purchase of your memorabilia, you’ll have to ensure the product is stored within a safe place inside your home. Without access to a safe place, you might risk damaging the product or losing the product entirely. It’s therefore important to consider storage options when buying Coca Cola memorabilia. Speak with the seller about the optimal storage strategy.

What is the full history of the product?

You may be able to enhance the value of the piece you’re buying by gaining more information on its history. When reviewing products online or speaking with collectors, consider the piece’s full history as part of the Coca Cola brand. Can it appeal to buyers in other marketplaces and how is it valued compared with its history?

Beginning your Memorabilia Search

Now that you have a clearer understanding on the types of product that hold value and the questions you can ask the seller to determine the full value the Coca Cola memorabilia holds, you’re ready to begin your search! Review the following to find that one-of-a-kind piece:

  • Garage sales

    You’ll be amazing at the rare items that have been found at local neighbourhood garage sales. Visit events in your community to locate bargain items that have been passed down over generations.

  • Online auctions

    An increasingly common source for mint condition rare memorabilia, online auction sites such as eBay offer you access to a world of antiques. Remember to establish a dialogue with online sellers and ask questions to them directly before you complete the sale.

  • Second-hand stores

    Second-hand stores are gaining in popularity as stories of rare finds fill pages on the Internet. Visit local stores in your area regularly to assess the available selection and support regional charities in the process.

By working with trusted collectors, you can develop a keen eye for rare, high-valued Coca Cola products! To learn more on the Coca Cola memorabilia marketplace, speak with our team today!

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