27 Jan 2015

How Much is an Autographed Script of a Blockbuster Movie Worth?

As with all collector items, the answer to a script’s worth depends on a number of considerations with many scripts selling in the hundreds of dollars to low thousands. The script for Francis Ford Coppola’s The Godfather even sold for $12,500!

Autographed Movies

Source: www.gilliananderson.ws

Condition is not Crucial to Worth

First editions of books and collectible art are significantly worth less when showing damage or signs of wear. The condition is not as important when it comes to the value of a script since they were originally produced to be used rather than admired. In fact, signs of use can even increase its worth if it’s believed that the script was used by a famous actor. Personal markings in the script that the actor may have left can reveal how the role was interpreted, which is invaluable information for fans and movie lovers.

Popularity Means Greater Demand

A script of an obscure film may not fetch as much on the market as a Hollywood Blockbuster. Big name movies are known by more people around the world, and an international market is bound to command more bids than a local one. Movies with a cult following can drive up the price of memorabilia very quickly, so don’t worry if you think that your script isn’t for a critically acclaimed film! A popular movie will have plenty of audience members who appreciate it for what it is.

In the same vein as demand, a scarce supply leaves buyers ready to increase their bids. A blockbuster with more original scripts available for sale means interest and money are divided up among the different sources.

Like an Antique, Older Is Better

The older the film, the older the script, which translates to higher value. For scripts of recent movies, the best decision is to store them properly and wait to sell until the time is right. Nostalgia and memories are part of the charm of older possessions, so consider it an investment in an item that’s like a fine wine – patience is needed to age it properly!

Generic Signatures Are Preferred

Autographs with a specific message is mostly only meaningful to the original fan. If you plan on having your collector’s item signed for resale later on, request a generic message or a simple autograph.

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