26 Aug 2014

8 strange and weird collections people have

Slot Cars

The world’s biggest collection of slot cars was recently sold to a private buyer. It included 2.5 million miles of track and over 1,000 model cars.

Weird Collections

Naval Fuzz

Belly button fuzz is the subject of some serious curiosity. There has been an actual scientific study that determined the exact mechanism by thin body hair traps lint. However, the world’s greatest collection is not in the hands of scientists, but instead in the hands of a private citizen, Georg Steinhauser. Steinhauser has been collecting his own belly lint for decades, resulting in several jars of the stuff.

Chocolate Wrappers

Martin Mihál is a German chocolate wrapper collector. He has almost 10,000 wrappers from all over the world, showing off many different brands and eras from the candy world.

Celebrity Hair

John Reznikoff owns the world’s largest collection of celebrity hair samples. He doesn’t just stick to living celebrities, either. He has locks from Marilyn Monroe, John Lennon, Edgar Allen Poe, and even Abraham Lincoln. Reznikoff even used to have a bit of hair from Ludwig van Beethoven, before he had it turned into a synthetic diamond.

Taxidermy Gophers

A uniquely Albertan attraction, the Torrington Gopher Hole Museum features hundreds of taxidermy gophers. These gophers are posed in individual cubby holes, given doll clothing, props, and even speech bubbles, all meant to represent scenes from small-town Alberta life.

Soap Bars

A retiree in the UK has the world’s largest soap bar collection, a stash of more than 5000. These soap bars include ones that are both packaged and unpackaged, and come from all over the world.

AOL Disks

We would have thought that absolutely no one who was an adult in the 90s would possibly want more AOL CDs. See, back in the day when you actually needed physical disks for computer programs, AOL embarked on a bizarre marketing strategy by mass-mailing their product across the country in the hopes that someone would actually install it. Over a billion CDs went out.
For reasons that defy comprehension, one woman has collected over 2500 unique AOL CD’s, creating a collection called Lydia’s AOL Disks.

Museum of Penises

An Icelandic man runs a museum devoted to different penises of animals. Over 43 mammals are represented, with “members” of all shapes and sizes. Why anyone would do this is certainly a mystery, but you have to admit, it is an interesting thing to put in a tourist brochure!

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