14 Jul 2015

10 Home Organizing Hacks

  1. Flattening Fitted Sheets

    Fitted sheets are the most likely household item to get balled up and shoved into a closet. This makes them the most likely to also fall out of a stuffed closet. However, it’s possible to make a sheet lie flat by first folding it twice, lengthwise, and widthwise, leaving enough fabric for the four corners to wrap underneath the rest of the sheet. If you put all corners together underneath, you can fold the rest of the sheet just like a flat one.

  2. Organizing Your Home

  3. Tying Bedding Sets Together

    Use the ribbons used to package your bedding sets to tie them together in the closet. Organize by set instead of separating pillowcases and sheets.

  4. Rip your CDs to a Hard Drive

    CDs are bulky; external hard drives are cheap. Reduce your music collection from a whole stand to just a small box. You don’t even have to throw out the old CD rack, since it can make a great additional pantry.

  5. Use Stacking Containers in the Pantry

    Food comes in boxes and bags of all shapes and sizes. These shapes and sizes pile up and slip off each other, making a huge cluttered mess. Empty out food containers into attractive glass stacking containers to save space.

  6. Wheeled Bins

    Low wheeled bins can fit just about anywhere: under side tables, under beds, and even under some types of couches. They are easy to pull out and in, letting you keep objects out of sight, but not out of reach.

  7. Division Storage for Jewelry

    Most jewelry boxes simply don’t have enough divisions, causing necklaces, earrings, and rings to get all tangled up into very expensive knots. There are several good ways to control this, like refurbishing old medicine cabinets or using the depressions in paint palettes.

  8. Paint Outlines on Walls for Tools and Kitchenware

    This encourages your family to put things back where they found them. It works just as well on kitchen pegboards for hanging pots and pans as it does for garage tools.

  9. Wall-Mount Screens

    Almost all modern television screens and computer monitors will mount to walls. This keeps them out of the way and frees up space on your shelves and desks.

  10. Put Manuals in a Binder

    Instead of putting manuals in their boxes, or with their corresponding products, file them in a binder with dividers. This will keep your documents more organized, and also allows you to categorize them in alphabetical order.

  11. Label Each Cord on a Power Bar

    This makes it so much easier when switching or throwing out electronics.

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