19 Dec 2013

10 Awesome Harley Davidson Collectibles

Harley Davidson has been making its motorcycles for over a century. Ever since the first bike rolled out of the factory in 1903, the iconic machines are recognized the world over as a symbol of life in American – and the American dream.

But they make more than just their famous hogs. Harley Davidson also produces fashionable gear and memorabilia items. They’ve been pumping out non-motorcycle products for almost as long as they’ve been making bikes. Here are 10 great Harley Davidson collectibles from through the ages.

Silver Art Bar

This small silver art bar was made by Harley Davidson in 1942. It depicts a shaft-driven motorcycle that was meant for use in the North African deserts during the Second World War, but never actually went into service.

Silver Art Bar

Bar and shield charm

This simple piece of jewellery is a gold charm in the shape of Harley’s iconic bar and shield logo.

Bar And Shield Charm

Skull ring

Now this is extra cool. A sterling silver Harley Davidson ring featuring a skull with a black onyx set of eyes.

Skull Ring

Employees watch

This is a special women’s watch made only for female employees of Harley Davidson.

Employees Watch

Shield earrings

These are eye-catching Harley Davidson earrings in a unique butterfly design. They’re forged out of copper and have a shield made of turquoise onyx.

Shield Earrings

Pin brooch

Another piece from Harley Davidson’s jewellery line, this motorcycle pin broach is sure to catch the eyes of motorcycle fans and everyone else.

Pin Brooch

Skull belt buckle

This belt buckle can’t be missed. It’s coloured in a crisp shade of turquoise and has the iconic Harley logo, with skull-and-crossbones with wings.

Skull Belt Buckle

Sword pin

A pin fit for the vest of a true biker. This vintage Harley pin shows a hand swinging a fierce-looking sword alongside the company’s bar and shield logo.

Sword Pin

Harley decals

These slick decals are literally taken from the tank of the 1970 AermacchiLeggero bike model.

Harley Decals

Vintage belt buckle

This 1978 belt buckle harkens back to the early years of Harley Davidson, before the company adopted the tough-looking skull and crossbones look.

Vintage Belt Buckle

Looking to get your own collection of Harley Davidson collectibles started? There’s no better time than now. One of the best places to get a sense for the vintage Harley items out there is Ebay, which has a section devoted entirely to collectible Harley goods.

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