5 May 2012

Toronto Seniors’ Tips To Increase Retirement Income

More and more Toronto seniors are finding it necessary to delay retirement or continue to work throughout their retirement in order to supplement their earnings.  The cost of living continues to rise, especially in large cities like Toronto, resulting in more baby boomers in Toronto remaining in or re-joining the work force.

As this is an unfortunate reality that seniors now have to endure, one Toronto storage company has an alternative to alleviate some of the financial burdens of our seniors. Jiffy Self-Storage, Toronto’s leading self-storage service provider, is now offering budget Workspace/Offices to seniors to work in peace, in order to earn a little extra money to supplement their retirement income.  Professionals like retired therapists and accountants can easily re-open shop and continue in their line of work – hassle free as well.

Low monthly costs and no long term commitments are just some of the seniors’ benefits. These private work spaces are equipped with heating, ventilation, air conditioning and even come with internet. These units range from 110 to 195 square feet, enough room to open a small repair shop or workshop for a former craftsman.

Retired Toronto Seniors earn extra money
Retired Toronto Seniors earn extra money in Jiffy Workspaces.

Comfortable workspace units can also serve as retreats for some seniors, functioning as a private study for an author who is trying to write memoirs or maybe for someone who just wants peace and quiet, away from home.

Whatever the case may be, Jiffy Self-Storage does not believe that retirement is an end to their golden years. Rather, it is a new beginning – a new way to continue to contribute and survive in today’s society. As any workspace tenant will vouch, Jiffy Self-Storage is truly an innovative Toronto storage company.

Thinking about an inexpensive Toronto office solution? Give Jiffy Self-Storage a call at 416-745-4339 to reserve your workspace unit now.

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  • Posted on May 05 | 2012 By Carolhardin

    Toronto Storage Company is indeed doing a great job by offering seniors some amount of space to carry out their work peacefully. I appreciate your company for this job and hope it will benefit as many people as possible.

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