Benefits of Using a Storage Unit as an Office
27 Dec 2019

Benefits of Using a Storage Unit as an Office

Modern businesses are looking for new and unique ways to cut costs and maintain quality services for their customers. One of the areas many small businesses overspend on is office space. Office rentals in Toronto come at a premium, and if you’re a start-up, it isn’t always feasible to fork out thousands of dollars a month to sit at a computer.

Still, it’s important to appear professional before clients, and having a separate address from your home looks good. Fortunately for small business owners, there’s now something called a storage unit office.

At Jiffy Self Storage, we love being able to supply our clients with the latest news in the storage industry, and recently this is making headlines. Throughout this blog, we’ll be digging deeper into the what, how, and whys of storage unit offices in Toronto.

What is a storage unit office?

True to its name, a storage unit office is an office space developed in a storage unit. It sounds cramped, but many of these spaces are high functioning, organized, and downright cozy. For fans of the tiny home – a modern mobile home option that promotes simple living – this is an intriguing concept.

Working from a storage unit office requires fewer contractual obligations than leasing an office space downtown. It gives you the freedom to organize things as you please, and an added level of security, as most storage facilities are outfitted with cameras and on-site monitoring.

Benefits of a Storage Unit Office

Aside from increased security and the freedom to decorate at will, there are a variety of advantages to renting a storage unit office over a traditional office space. For example:

Keeping Inventory Onsite

Not every business has the option of storing their inventory onsite in the office. While working out of a storage unit, you’re guaranteed enough room, shelving, and materials to keep all your stock at hand. This makes it much easier to grab what you need when meeting a client or pack up products for shipping and distribution.

Having inventory onsite rather than in a separate warehouse adds a level of security other businesses don’t have. There’s no need to hire a security team to monitor your stored belongings, as you’re spending your time working right alongside them.

Storing Seasonal Goods Year Round

Ever been to the mall and seen that stack of summer clothes in the ninety-nine-cent bin to clear out old stock? For many businesses, this is because there’s simply not enough space to keep old stock and new stock together. When you work out of a storage unit, you’ve got nothing but space. This supplies you with the advantage of accessing your seasonal stock all year round.

For customers who travel and want your summer products in the winter, there’s no reason they can’t take some to go. Similarly, if you need to perform a year-end inventory, you’re not trekking out to some warehouse in the middle of nowhere. Everything is within reach and easy to find.

Room for Documents and Filing

While many businesses have turned to digital filing systems, many are still working on incorporating paper documents into the mix. This leaves businesses with stacks of paperwork and nowhere to put it. Again, this offers the advantage of having the means and space necessary to store your paperwork right there in the office with you. If you need to find a contract, you can easily grab it from a nearby file and continue working.

With documents safely at hand, there’s no concern that important files are lost covered in dust in the back of a room somewhere. There’s a place for everything and everything in its place.

Set Your Hours

A storage unit office is likely to offer 24/7 access. Unlike office spaces that share buildings with other businesses, you have access to your work whenever you’d like. Don’t want to close for Christmas? No problem. Need to get back into the office after hours? There are no after-hours. You create your schedule and work at your own pace.

Setting your office hours is revolutionary in the business world. It could put you ahead of the competition to be able to supply products at hours when other businesses have closed their doors.

Promotional Items Kept On-Site

Promotional products like signage and flyers take time and money to create. There’s nothing worse than putting out all that cash to create promotional material, only to lose it in the back of a warehouse or storage room somewhere. Having a storage unit office means all your promotional items can be kept nearby.

With quick access to these items, you can run contests, mail coupons, and be ready to head out on the road for your next sales call in mere minutes. Having these materials within reach makes it easy to change your office look as well.

Money Saved is Money Gained

Perhaps the most impressive reason to choose a storage unit office is the money you save. We touched on this briefly above, but renting a storage unit vs. an office space in Toronto is quite the savings. Not only do you save on rent, but you save on additional costs associated with renting in large co-operated buildings. Cleaning services, electrical, and more will come at a reasonable cost, or in the case of cleaning, be unnecessary.

For small businesses, a storage unit office provides all the space and storage you require to get started and grow your company. Being able to focus on important things like creating brand loyalty can be put at the forefront. Not needing to spend on additional storage elsewhere is also a huge benefit for this style of office space.

To learn more about using your storage unit as an office, call Jiffy Self Storage at 1-416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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