26 Feb 2016

All About Wooden Furniture Protection In Storage

Placing your wooden furniture in storage can be a great option for those who are looking to free up additional space in their home. However, while a lot of furniture can simply be placed in a storage unit without any additional care, wooden furniture is particularly prone to scratches, warping and rotting and therefore requires a little extra care. There are some simple things you can do to keep your wooden furniture in peak condition while in storage:

All About Wooden Furniture Protection

  • Choose a Large Enough Storage Unit.
    Given that will be likely storing other items alongside your wooden furniture, it is important that you give yourself ample room in order to prevent scratches. Always remember to avoid packing items tightly into your unit and do not store things on top of your furniture. As a general rule, wooden table and chairs can be comfortably stored in a 5×10 unit, but not if you are storing anything else alongside it.
  • Find a Climate-Controlled Storage Unit.
    Ensure that your unit is climate-controlled so that your wooden furniture is protected from the damages that can result from fluctuations in temperature, like cracking. Humidity is another concern, which can encourage mold growth and therefore cause your wood to rot.
  • Clean and Polish Furniture Before Entering Storage.
    Use furniture polish or linseed oil before placing your wood furniture in storage to provide additional moisture to your wood so that it doesn’t dry out and result in cracking. Consider waxing the furniture as well.
  • Disassemble Furniture.
    Storing furniture in parts (by removing its legs, for example) will allow you to maximize the space in your storage unit, therein reducing the risk of cramming furniture together and resulting in damage.
  • Elevate Wooden Furniture During Storage.
    Keep your wooden furniture off the ground during storage by placing it on pallets or blocks. This is especially important if the unit is not climate-controlled. It will ensure that the wood furniture is properly ventilated and will provide additional protection in the event of a flood. Also store furniture at the back of the storage unit to protect it from the rain if you have a garage style unit.
  • Cover Furniture.
    Cover furniture with furniture pads or blankets so that it is further protected from scratches and dust. Avoid covering it with plastic at all costs, which can create condensation and thus rot the wood.

Given that wooden furniture is such an investment, you will want to ensure it stays in top condition during its time in a storage unit by taking a few precautionary measures beforehand.

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