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6 Apr 2020

Winter Toys: Tips for Storing Your Snowmobile, Snowboard, and More

While some people in Toronto may be anticipating the end of the winter season, it can also be a fun and adventurous time filled with endless activities. As winter comes to a close, it’s best to stay prepared and know exactly how to store all your winter gear.

Whether you own snowboards, a snowmobile, winter clothes, or other equipment, there are factors to take into consideration. Mostly, you’ll want to avoid any potential damage and keep your items in tip-top shape so that they’ll last a long time.

Here are some of the best ways to store your winter gear:

Ski Equipment

When storing ski equipment, do not put it in storage with extreme temperatures. A temperature-controlled unit with no sunlight is ideal, like the ones we have at Jiffy Self-Storage. You’ll also want to ensure that skis don’t fall or rub together; to avoid this, strap your skis together at their natural meeting point. Also, pad your skis and keep them away from other heavy equipment.

In regards to ski boots, ensure they are buckled and locked on their loosest so they can keep their shape.

Snowboard Equipment

Similar to ski equipment, you’ll want to keep your snowboard equipment in a dark and temperature-controlled environment. You can even keep your snowboard in its bag as long as it is moisture-free.

Never leave snowboarding equipment outside; you will not only want to prevent it from getting stolen but protect it from the elements, which can damage your equipment over time.
Be sure to place your snowboard boots in the same location as your board, and put them in a bag or box. That way, you can avoid damage from bugs, dust, or UV lights.


Put your snowshoes in the same environment and avoid the sun. They can be placed alongside your other winter gear. However, snowshoes have sharp components, so it’s essential to keep them out of reach from pets and children. That’s why storing snowshoes works well in our storage rooms at Jiffy Self-Storage; you can keep your kids and pets safe by having your snowshoes out of the house.

Snowmobile Storage

A snowmobile needs some specific steps to keep it safe during storage. Similar to snowshoes, snowmobiles need to be stored in a dark environment that is temperature-controlled.

First, clean off the mud and grime that your snowmobile has likely acquired. These substances can destroy the frame. You’ll also want to clean off any salt and dirt, as you won’t want this sitting on your snowmobile while it’s being stored.

To clean your snowmobile, use warm and soapy water, and take your time to make sure everything is cleaned off. Don’t forget about your cover either; it needs to be clean when it’s draped over your snowmobile. Consider even putting it in the washing machine before you wrap it around your snowmobile for the winter.

You’ll also want to keep moving parts lubricated, especially on the suspension and steering systems. Be sure to spray the other metal surfaces with WD-40; this is a great way to protect your snowmobile’s parts.

Another great way to protect your snowmobile while it’s being stored is by removing the battery and using a battery charger to keep it at the ideal charge while not in use. If you leave the battery in your snowmobile for the entire time it’s being stored, you may encounter difficulties starting it when the winter season comes around. Using a battery charger and maintainer will help prevent this issue and ensure that your battery will be ready when it’s time for your next winter adventure.

Another handy storage tip is to remove the drive belt. As a result, the belt will last longer, and there will be less pressure on the clutches. It also reduces condensation buildup.

Winter Clothes

Many people opt for packing up winter clothes into self-storage as a way to open up more closet space in their homes. When it comes to storing winter clothes in a self-storage unit, first go through your closet, dressers, and anywhere else you store clothes and decide which items are most appropriate to put away. By going through all your clothes, you may also find some unwanted items that you can donate to people in need.

When storing winter clothes, being properly organized is vital. As the next winter season approaches, you’ll want to ensure that there are no hassles when you unpack your clothes from the storage unit and that your clothes will be ready to withstand winter weather. Also, be sure to wash each clothing item so that it stays as fresh as possible when you need to use your clothes again.

As for what to store your clothing in, the most efficient option is plastic storage bins. The reason for this is because cardboard boxes or plastic bags can attract contaminants like dust by entering small openings and trapping itself in these containers. As a result, your clothing could get ruined after being stored away all winter.

Since the weather in the GTA can be unpredictable and cold, you may own several long winter coats. Luckily, there are storage items like a wardrobe box that will allow you to hang your jacket, as well as store it safely. That way, your coats won’t get wrinkled and can stay in pristine condition. If you want to take it an extra step, use a garment bag for added protection.

Properly preparing your winter gear is essential when storing for an extended period. If you follow all these tips on how to protect your winter gear in a self-storage unit, then you can be sure that your next winter season will be hassle-free and enjoy your activities.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we know how important it is to keep your winter equipment safe. That’s why so many individuals in the GTA choose us for storing all their gear. Be sure to navigate our website to see what kind of services would be convenient for your storage needs. Fill out the contact form on our website (should the website be hyperlinked instead of jiffy above?) or call 416-74-JIFFY (54339).

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