Winter Storage: How to Prepare Any Item
23 Dec 2019

Winter Storage: How to Prepare Any Item

Winter is a beautiful season. It brings with it the holidays, glistening snow, and plenty of outdoor activities. While snowshoeing and ice skating make this season a time for fun, there’s work to be done before you can enjoy the cold. All the seasonable summer items we pulled out of storage to use in the pool and on the deck, now need to be appropriately repackaged and placed into storage.

When storing belongings for the winter, there’s a right and a wrong way to do things. Before you begin packing away everything from the sun sunny days of summer, consider our list for winter storage prep.

Take Inventory of What Stays

Not every item makes it through all those months in the sun. Popped pool floaties, broken lawn furniture and rusted garden tools, for example, might be better suited for the bin. Taking the time to sort through all your belongings will guarantee that you only store the items you’ll want to see again next year.

Anything in good condition which you don’t want to keep can be donated or sold through an online marketplace. Reducing the amount you have to store will make packing and storage that much easier.

Find Reliable Winter Storage Space

Not everyone has enough room in the garden shed or garage to store everything from the summer months. Renting a storage compartment like those at Jiffy Self Storage gives you all the space you need for an affordable price.

Winter storage requires protection from the elements, so slipping belongings underneath the back deck may not be enough to keep them clear of ice and snow. It’s especially important to store anything which could bang up against the side of the house in high winds or rust in the wet weather.

Clean Items Before Storing

Summer is bright and warm, but it’s also wet and a little messy. From ice cream cones that have melted onto hammocks to garden spades left out in the rain, there are likely a few items to clean up. Cleaning before storing ensures that when it comes time to use things next year, everything is ready to go.

Not cleaning spring and summer belongings before storage could result in rust, mildew, and mould. This isn’t good for the item being stored or other belongings nearby.

Packing Common Items for Winter Storage

While many of the items you use during the sunny months are easy to package and store, others are not so obviously maintained. At Jiffy Self Storage, we receive questions about all kinds of summer tools and equipment, and how best to store it. Here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the most commonly questioned storage items we receive.

Gardening Tools

Gardening tools come in all different shapes and sizes, from gloves and spades to pruning shears and garden hoses. Before putting these items away, be sure to give them a proper cleaning. These are some of the dirtiest items left over from summer and keeping them clean will ensure you use them for another season.

Anything with an edge should be sharpened, and anything with wooden handles should be sanded or filed down for splinters. Once everything is thoroughly wiped down, consider the best place for storage.

For small tools and plant pots, storage shelving is ideal. Some gardening enthusiasts also choose to hang their gardening tools on the walls of the storage space. This saves small items from getting lost among larger ones.

Mowers and Hedge Trimmers

For larger power equipment used in the summer, we recommend removing the spark plug and draining the tank before storage. Mower gas shouldn’t be kept in storage for a few reasons.

  • It is flammable and could cause an accident.
  • It has toxic fumes which could be harmful in tight quarters.
  • Gas begins to break down during storage and may not be good next year.

Clean the mower carefully to remove grass, dirt, and debris. File away any rusty spots and oil it well before storing it upright in a dry, cool space.

Bikes, Trikes, and Scooters

All those fun athletic bits and pieces need protection from the ice and snow. For bicycle enthusiasts, consider purchasing bike racks for your storage space. These make it easy to hang your bikes on the walls or from the ceiling, leaving more space for boxes and other belongings, which stack easiest on the floor. Some people choose to build shelves specifically for bikes and scooters, but hanging tends to be most popular.

You should store helmets, water bottles, cycling gloves, and other gear for your bikes in one place. This ensures you find them quickly when the snow melts, and you’re ready to get back on the road.

Grills and BBQs

It’s always a sad day when the last BBQ of the season takes place. Cleaning grills, scraping grates, and disconnecting the fuel tank are the first few steps to take before finally packing it away.

Before storage, protect your grills by coating them with a protective sheen of vegetable oil. This will help keep them lubricated during the damp months of winter, so rust doesn’t occur. If you have a BBQ cover, now’s the time to use it, even if you’re storing the grill inside. The protective cover will maintain cleanliness and keep it away from other belongings in your storage unit.

Outdoor Furnishings

Patio tables, chairs, pool loungers, and hammocks all need to be packed up, cleaned and stored before the winter winds come to carry them away. For wooden belongings be sure to use a protective coating of oil soap and furniture wax to protect the materials from dampness and cracking. For plastic and metal, soap and water work fine, but be sure to wipe them down dry before storing.

Stacking chairs will keep them together, while tables should have legs removed before storage to ensure they aren’t damaged during transition.

To learn more about storing your belongings during winter, call Jiffy Self Storage at 1-416-745-4339 or contact us here.

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