24 Jan 2012

Winter can be great time to update storage facilities

Many within the self storage industry might refrain from checking over their inventory during the winter months, as most people prefer to avoid moving boxes and updating facilities until the weather is nice. According to InsideSelfStorage.com, staying away from units can mean big trouble when it's time to go through items in the spring, as buildup of dirt or debris and lack of maintenance can be an eyesore for new and current tenants.

The source reports that making simple updates to portable storage containers throughout the year might make the facility more appealing and easier to navigate. Those within the industry should always keep the front office in tip-top shape – shiny clean floors and counters, fresh scents and friendly employees can improve business in no time. The office is the first impression, so potential renters who gain a good experience at the start are more likely to choose the facility.

Another booming trend within the storage market is going green, National Geographic reports. Winter can be a great time to update certain amenities to be more eco-conscious, and in doing so, it may prompt more people looking for storage solutions to stop searching after finding a green facility. Adding a few solar panels or starting an on-site recycling area might make all the difference.  

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