30 May 2017

How To Properly Store Your Winter Equipment

The spring looks like it is finally upon us and that means, among other things, making way for all of the spring gear and equipment you are going to need. You are going to want to get all of that winter equipment out of the way so that you have room for your spring stuff, but if you don’t have enough room in your house for both, you might want to consider outsourcing your storage to a self storage facility. Below are some tips for properly storing your winter equipment.

Properly Store Your Winter Equipment


Anything fabric, whether it’s jackets, scarves, mittens, or big winter blankets, must go into storage for the spring and summer clean and dry. Wet, dirty winter clothing can quickly become heaps of mold, mildew and bacteria while in storage, and will be useless to you when you go to take it out next winter. In addition to cleaning and drying everything before it goes into storage, you should also pick up some small packets of silica gel which will help to decrease the moisture in the air.

Sports and Activity Equipment

Winter sports equipment such as skis and snowboards should be carefully cleaned and waxed before being placed into storage, and ideally, placed into travel bags so they don’t collect dust while in storage. Skis and snowboards are best stored flat on the ground. If you lean them up against a wall, or put anything on top of them, it can warp and bend them.


Part of your winter equipment might include your seasonal decorations. If you are using a storage facility to keep your winter decorations out of the way, make sure that you properly box and label them. Just throwing things into storage haphazardly is going to make taking everything out the following winter a huge chore.

Winter Car

If you have separate cars for the warmer and colder months, the two most important things that you must do to your car before putting it into winter storage at a storage facility are making sure that you have taken the battery out and adding fuel stabilizer to the gas tank.

Using a storage facility to house your winter equipment is a great way to make sure that you always have room for your most important items as the seasons change. If you are running out of space in your home and want to keep your winter equipment out of sight and out of mind during the warmer months, consider a self storage unit at a reputable storage facility.

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