Tips For Storing Winter Sports Equipment
5 Feb 2018

How To Store Winter Sports Equipment

It’s getting to that time of year again when we are starting to think about and plan for the spring. Winter has been fun, but it’s time to start thinking about what we are going to do with all that winter gear and equipment to make way for the spring stuff. If you are someone who enjoys winter sports and has a lot of equipment taking up space around your home, you will probably be interested in the following tips and tricks for storing winter sports equipment, whether it be in your home’s storage areas, or in a short term storage space.

Snowboard and Ski Racks

If you have a snowboard and skis, or multiple snowboards and pairs of skis, you know that, left lying around, they quickly begin to consume a lot of space. Leaving them on the ground, or stacked on top of one another, are good ways to damage or scratch them. If you are putting your skis and snowboards away for the season, it is a good idea to invest in a ski and snowboard rack. You can place it in a short term storage unit, or in an inconspicuous spot in your own home, and it will keep everything safely off the ground.

Let Your Jackets Breathe

Winter sports mean winter clothing that you wear while doing those sports, which inevitably means big winter jackets. If you are putting away a bunch of winter jackets at the same time (maybe you own multiple, or your packing up your whole family’s) you should make sure you are not putting them too close together. Space between each jacket, preferably with them hanging on a rack, is a must. If one becomes wet for some reason and they are stored in close proximity, the others may become wet, and you might find yourself with moldy jackets.

Keep Things off the Floor

It is a good idea to keep as many things off the floor as possible. Whether it’s using a rack, or installing shelving units, utilizing your vertical space in order to avoid keeping expensive winter sporting equipment off the floor is a must.

Your winter sporting equipment is good to you, so make sure you are good to it by following the above winter sporting equipment storage tips. Whether you keep your equipment in a short term storage unit or around your own home, doing so will ensure that you maximize the useful life of all of your belongings and have them around for many seasons to come.

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