30 Nov 2011

What to do before putting a summer vehicle in storage

When the warm temperatures fade away and the cold weather kicks into gear, it's the time of year vehicle owners take their summer cars off the road and place them in storage. But before that's done, there's a few maintenance tips they should keep in mind before putting their rides to bed for the winter.

Automotive specialists say that one of the most important things to do is to have the car thoroughly cleaned to prevent corrosion. This includes washing the exterior and the undercarriage, as well as waxing it. The interior should also be given a rigorous cleaning.

Having the oil changed is strongly encouraged, as the byproducts of used oil can can tarnish the engine, which can be exacerbated when a car sits idle for a lengthy period of time. Experts say other engine fluids should be drained as well, such as transmission fluid and antifreeze, especially if they appear dirty or cloudy.

In the actual storage process, vehicles should be carefully placed on jack stands with the tires removed. The car should also be covered with a protective tarp to prevent dust build-up.

These are just a handful of steps to take before storing a vehicle. For more, car owners should consult with a licensed auto mechanic.

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