22 Feb 2016

Using Vehicle Storage For Your Vintage Cars

You may find yourself no longer having the space to store your vintage car at home, or simply wanting additional protection if you don’t have a garage. Given that your vintage car is likely one of your most valuable assets, it is important that it receives the care and protection it needs.

Vehicle Storage For Vintage Cars

Whatever your needs may be, a storage facility is likely to have exactly what you are looking for. Below is a guide to vintage car storage, including the measures you should take while storing it.

Types of Car Storage:

There are generally three types of car storage that a storage facility will offer, including indoor, covered and outdoor.

  • Indoor Car Storage.
  • This type of storage refers to a self-contained unit, offering maximum protection from the elements, including sun, precipitation, dirt and grime. These units can also be climate-controlled, and are often drive-up garages, making them extraordinary accessible. This is a great option for those looking to store their vehicle long-term.

    Choose a unit close to the entrance if you plan on using the vehicle a lot. An additional benefit to this type of storage is the fact that you can also store other possessions inside the unit as well. The cost will be based on the size of the unit.

  • Covered Car Storage.
  • This type of storage is outdoors, but offers additional protection from two of the most damaging threats to your vehicle: both sun and precipitation, via a roof. Your vehicle will be stored alongside other cars. It is a great option for those looking for either temporary or long-term storage, who want more protection at a more affordable cost.

    Investing in a car cover will provide additional protection if you want to store your car long term, and the cost will generally be decided based on the size of your vehicle.

  • Outdoor Car Storage.
  • This type of parking generally refers to a paved parking spot somewhere on the facility and can be a designated spot or not. It is generally the cheapest car storage option and is great for those needing to temporarily store a vehicle. However, your car can still certainly be stored outdoors for a longer period of time, but if this is the case, consider purchasing a high-quality car cover to protect it from the elements. Fees will generally be based on the size of your vehicle.

Unit Size:

Indoor car storage offers several different sized units, which you will choose based on the size of your car. These often include:

  • 10×10. This is ideal for motorcycles and very small cars – generally European import cars.
  • 10×15. This generally means a vehicle with two doors, including coupes, hatchbacks or small SUVs.
  • 10×20. This will apply to the majority of vehicles on the road, including SUVs, minivans, full-sized vans and pickup trucks. If you want to store furniture and other possessions, consider upgrading to the next size.
  • 10×30. This is great for large vehicles and offers a comfortable amount of storage space.

Preparing your Vehicle for Storage:

  • Change the following: oil, filter, brake fluid and coolant
  • Fill up your gas tank
  • Disconnect the battery
  • Remove the windshield wipers and release the parking brake
  • Place your car on jack stands and ideally remove the wheels if you are storing your car long-term

It is important to take precautionary measures to ensure that your vintage car remains in the best condition while in storage. Remember to also thoroughly check your vehicle when taking it out of storage – it is extremely dangerous not to do so.

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