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27 Apr 2020

Top Tips for Storing Your Motorcycle

In Ontario, there are many wonderful motorcycle routes that draw a large group of riders. For many motorcycle enthusiasts, having their bikes in working order when the spring season comes around is essential.

Once the winter season in the GTA arrives, finding the right storage space for your bike is crucial. It is also necessary to take care of your motorcycle correctly so that you can avoid any potential damage to your bike. Here are some of the best ways you can store your bike over the winter so that you can avoid any hassles when you’re ready to ride during the spring season:

Find the Ideal Storage Space

First and foremost, it may seem obvious, but finding the right space to store your motorcycle is crucial. You’ll want to rent a well-ventilated area where air can circulate. Also, you need to ensure that there is no moisture inside the cover, and no open chemicals near the bike to avoid corrosion.

Maintain the Battery

There are several ways to maintain the battery on your bike when it’s in storage. First, you can remove the battery and place it on a trickle charger. You can also insert a pigtail, which makes a hookup to a trickle charger much simpler.

Change Fluids

Not everyone who owns a motorcycle will change the fluids, but this process can be beneficial. Change each fluid, especially the oil, clutch, coolant, and brakes before you store your bike over the winter. You’ll also want to consider the last time you changed your fluids. For instance, if you changed them recently, you don’t have to change them before storing your bike.

When you change the fluids on your bike, things will run smoother when riding season comes up again. Fluids, though, can become corrosive, which in turn can damage your bike.

Also, make sure your bike is stored in an environment with the right temperature, like the spaces we offer at Jiffy Self-Storage. If the temperature is too cold, then the radiators and lines can burst and ruin your motorcycle. If you plan on storing your bike for over 4 months, then it would be wise to remove the spark plugs. By following these steps, you can limit any risks of mechanical issues.

Do a Thorough Cleaning

Cleaning your bike before it goes into storage is a necessary step. To start, take care of the chain and brakes. To get these areas clean, try using a grunge brush and O-ring safe degreaser (for the chain). As for the brakes, a disc cleaner is appropriate. By cleaning these motorcycle parts, you can best prepare your bike for the upcoming season.

After you clean the major parts, give your motorcycle an extensive washing. That way, you can avoid moisture buildup, which results in the growth of mould and corrosion once the cover goes on.

If you have leather seats, wash them as well, so they will be good as new for spring.

Choose the Right Cover

Speaking of covers, choose the best one for the job. Plastic is not an ideal choice as it can build up moisture, and, as we previously mentioned, this can lead to corrosion and mould growth. Many companies are on top of motorcycle storage needs and have created affordable covers that allow the bike to breathe, so finding one shouldn’t be too difficult.

Try Fuel Stabilizer

Another technique to best store your motorcycle is to add a fuel stabilizer to your tank. Once you add the stabilizer, run the bike for a few minutes and then turn it off. As a result, the stabilizer will move through the fuel-injection components and keep them from building up residue.

For your carburetor, turn off the petcock and then drain the fuel float boats, or run the engine until it’s out of gas. Then, fill up the tank again and add the stabilizer. That will keep your bike’s tank moisture-free and reduce the risk of rusting. Also, if your fuel goes bad, it can wreck your motorcycle’s parts at a rapid pace, so stabilizing the fuel is always a wise option.

Prepare the Exhaust

Preparing the exhaust is another essential step for when you are about to store your motorcycle during winter. You can prepare the exhaust by cleaning it and then spraying a tiny amount of WD-40 in the pipe’s ends. Ensure that no excess escapes the outlets. WD-40 will help protect the exhaust because it fights moisture.

When you’re finished getting the exhaust ready, use a plastic bag and put it in the pipe. Then, take the excess and wrap it around the pipe; next, seal it with a rubber band at the tip. If you’re wondering about the purpose of this, it’s to keep vermin out. These insects or creatures tend to crawl inside the exhaust when your motorcycle is stored all winter.

Now that you know how to maintain your motorcycle during the winter season with tips on storing your bike correctly, you can choose a self-storage company that meets all your needs. Whether that’s finding a climate-controlled unit or a space that offers various size options, many places will store your motorcycle safely, like the units at Jiffy Self-Storage.

At Jiffy Self-Storage, we specialize in providing storage units that house various types of equipment for our clients in the GTA. We want to ensure that your motorcycle is up and running properly by the time the spring season hits, which is why we offer our clients so many storage options.

You can find out more about us on our website and conveniently reserve your space by filling out our contact form. You can also get in touch with us at 416-74-JIFFY (54339). We are passionate about storage and are confident that you can put your trust in us to take care of your motorcycle.

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