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18 Sep 2018

How to Store Boats and Other Vehicles

Storing boats and other recreational vehicles during the off-season is a probability for many Ontario residents, especially those who enjoy visiting cottages during the summer months. Depending on the location, indoor storage units can be very expensive, especially if the locations are heated and secure.

As a result, many Canadians are opting for outdoor storage units as an alternative. Especially for large vehicles, outdoor lots offer greater storage space and accessibility, which makes them an appealing option for boat-owners, agriculture farmers with large equipment, and classic car fanatics with vintage, priceless vehicles. There are a wide variety of factors that must be considered when researching a storage facility that is right for your needs. You are storing expensive equipment and priceless possessions, so the time spent researching your options is worth it.

Vehicle Storage in Ontario

As demand for affordable storage in Ontario increases, the cost of storage space also rises. As an alternative, outdoor storage facilities are becoming increasingly popular. Not only are outdoor storage units more affordable, but they are easier to set up in small towns and remote cottage areas, meaning you are more likely to find a convenient location for your specific storage needs.

For those who are exploring storage options, it is crucial that you research your options and consider every factor before making an informed decision. At Jiffy Self-Storage, our representatives are happy to help you evaluate your storage needs and find the right unit for your situation. Here is a guide to outdoor storage units in Ontario:

What Types of Vehicles

Outdoor storage facilities in Ontario can house virtually any large recreational or agricultural vehicle. Many outdoor lots are designed for specific equipment. Boats, jet-skis, boat trailers, and other water vehicles are often stored from Thanksgiving to Victoria Day, while tractors, transport vehicles, and work vehicles are often stored during the winter months. Each vehicle-specific lot is customized to facilitate the unique needs of that type of vehicle.

For example, truck lots are equipped with block heaters to keep the oil warm for easier ignition, and boat lots are equipped with ramps and space to facilitate an accompanying trailer. At Jiffy Self-Storage, we appreciate that, as Canadians, we love our outdoor recreational vehicles. We offer custom services to provide the unique care that your vehicle needs while it is in storage, and our flexibility allows you to change your storage term based on the weather each year and your own availability.

Safety & Security

Whether you are storing a boat for the winter or a classic car while you spend a year abroad, we understand that the safety and security of your possessions is your primary concern. Our lots are designed with modern, cutting-edge security systems to ensure the safety of your vehicles. For example, each of our lots is outfitted with a custom security monitor system that places cameras throughout the facility.

Not only does this deter theft, but it also captures crucial evidence should an incident occur. These facilities include a computer access system that ensures unwelcome people are not allowed on the premises, which further protects your belongings from unsavoury characters. Protecting your investment is our top priority, and we will do everything we can to ensure your precious investment is not compromised during its storage term. For more information regarding our security features, explore our website.

Unit Sizes at Competitive Rates

As demand for storage space continues to rise, the prices also surge. Units are becoming smaller and more expensive, which drastically impacts your bank account, especially when storing large vehicles for months at a time. Fortunately, many storage companies offer deals for a variety of reasons, and it is crucial that you research your local options and ask about current deals, discounts, and special offers to ensure you get the best rate available. Storing multiple vehicles at once often offers you a discounted rate and a premium storage lot location, which can save you many hours during drop-off and pick-up. Other deals include prepayment for a specified number of months, long-term commitments, and minimized accessibility areas.

Convenience & Accessibility

Finally, both convenience and accessibility are crucial factors you must consider when choosing a storage facility. Good storage companies will work with you to help you find a suitable area for storage. A location with convenient access can save you hours each time you pick up and drop off your vehicle, which will prevent a lot of headaches and stress. Beyond that, the distance from the lot to your home or cottage destination can also be the difference between hours of time spent commuting, so local lots are at a premium.

Our Jiffy Self-Storage outdoor lot is located at the junction of Highways 400 and 401, so it is the perfect location for GTA residents to pick up their vehicle and head north to the cottage. We offer a variety of unit and lot sizes to accommodate all of your recreational vehicles. For more information about our vehicle storage, or to explore our other services, check out our website.

Storing your expensive vehicles can be a complex process. Not only do you need to find the right size of unit for your needs and the right location based on your unique situation, you must find a unit that fits your budget. As demand for vehicle storage in Ontario continues to increase, it is crucial that you research storage companies to find the right fit for you.

For more information about our storage options, or to receive a quote based on your storage needs, call Jiffy Self Storage at 416-74-JIFFY or contact us here.

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