23 Feb 2012

Choosing the right storage for your motorcycle

Most motorcycle enthusiasts cringe when the weather turns cold, as it tends to mean it's time to put the hog away for the winter. Although those who enjoy the open road may get depressed at the thought of having to hibernate their Harleys or street bikes, most would prefer to pick the correct storage method for their bikes rather than ruin them forever.

TotalMotorcycle.com recently gave its advice for properly storing motorcycles during the winter. The first thing owners need to do it pick a location to keep the bike. Some might have ample room in their garage for the bike, while others might need to consider renting a unit at a nearby self storage facility. When looking at possible units, bikers are encouraged to find ones that don't have windows as direct sunlight can "raise the ambient temperature of the storage area." This can lead to moisture on the bike after the sun goes down, which can harm the paint and rust the metal. Bikers might also want to cover their hogs with a bike cover rather than a sheet or a tarp, as the cover is made to protect motorcycles and tarps are not.

Once a location is found, owners should change the oil in their bikes and the air filter too, this way it will be ready when the warm weather comes back. The news outlet also suggests adding fuel stabilizer and draining the carbs, but only if the bike is going to be stored for more than 4 months.

According to the Motorcycle & Moped Industry Council of Canada, more than 113,000 new units of motorcycles, scooters and ATVs were sold during 2010, with an estimated retail value of $1,417,859,000.

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