24 May 2013

Cheap storage in Toronto perfect for Millennials on the move

Secure storage can be a reliable way for many Millennials to store and maintain their belongings while still supporting an uber mobile and often urban lifestyle.

According to the Wellesley Institute, Millennials – people between the age of 19 and 39 – account for 27 percent of the Canadian population. The generation is rejecting the proto-norms of its predecessors, opting for a highly urbanized, highly mobile lifestyle in the pursuit of economic opportunity.

The city of Toronto is no different, with its own stake in keeping this critical demographic happy to live in its urban core. However, most Millennials show a greater willingness to move to a new place with the prospect of promising employment. For many of these adaptive people, lease agreements and homeownership can impede that movement and prevent them from capitalizing on opportunities. That's why self storage is such a great option. 

Self storage can be a smart way to hang on to valuable items without taking up room in a house or apartment. For Toronto storage solutions, there's no better than Jiffy Self Storage. Those interested in self storage should check out the affordable rates on Jiffy's website, where they can also enter to win a free iPad 3.

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