Items To Upcycle Into Furniture
9 Oct 2017

4 Items That You Can Upcycle Into Furniture

One of the biggest trends right now in home decor is upcycling. For those of you who are not familiar with the term, upcycling simply means taking something at the end of its useful life and repurposing it into something new and useful. Upcycling requires some creativity and a willingness to put a little elbow grease into your DIY projects, but will leave you with new pieces that look great, and which allow you to avoid wasting or throwing anything away. Below are four items that you can upcycle into furniture.

Window Shutters

If you are thinking about tossing those old window shutters—don’t! With some paint and a sander (or even just as they are) you can easily turn old window shutters into headboards for the bed. If you are unsure of how you are going to go about making the necessary additions or changes to the shutters, you can place them in a self storage unit while you plan out your project.

Door Knockers

If you are getting rid of your old entry door, don’t accidentally recycle or throw out the knocker. Aside from perhaps being pricey, the knocker can still find useful life as a knob for bathroom, kitchen, or even office furniture such as desks or cupboards. All you need is a drill and some screws (or even some simple wood glue) and you can attach the old entry door knocker to cabinetry anywhere in your home for a fashionable, eclectic-looking handle. Put anything you have an inkling might be upcyclable into self storage while you strategize what to do with it.

Old Piano

Whether you have an old piano lying around, or see an old piano that looks like a steal at a garage sale or flea market, you can easily turn that old piano into a coffee table. Simply purchase a piece of plexiglass that you then fit over the top of the internal workings of the piano and, voila, you’ve got yourself a funky new coffee table that very few others (if anyone) probably has. A self storage unit can hold the piano while you decide how to go about designing your new table.

Old Ladders

If you have an old mini-ladder, you can easily make it into a display shelf that looks great in rustic looking kitchens, or near the front entrance in older homes. Simply apply a new coat of paint to the old ladder, let it dry, and hang it on the wall.

Out with the old, in with the new doesn’t have to mean that the old is simply thrown away. With some ingenuity and a little effort, you can turn many things which, at first glance, look to be destined for the junk yard, into great, inventive furniture for around the home. Keep the above upcycling ideas in mind and put a personal touch on all your furniture.

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