How to safely store heirlooms and sentimental items?
1 Jul 2020

How to Safely Store Heirlooms and Sentimental Items

For many families, heirlooms are some of the most cherished items that they own. However, making room for these heirlooms can be challenging if you don’t have space for them. They are also at risk of being damaged during Ontario’s winter climatic conditions or by unwanted pests when you store them incorrectly. Because of these issues, many people opt for storing their most prized possessions in a self-storage unit.

If you choose to store your sentimental items with a trusted self-storage company like Jiffy, you’ll want to store them safely. Our team at Jiffy Self-Storage wants to ensure that you get everything you need out of your storage experience and feel at ease when putting your trust into our services. Here are some of our best tips for storing your treasured belongings. 

The Most Common Personal Belongings People Store 

Family Heirlooms

Family history is meaningful to so many people, so they hang on to every heirloom they can. However, when these items are taking up space all over your house, the garage, or your car, they can be creating too much clutter. Knowing that you’ll want to keep these items, you can easily use a self-storage unit and feel at ease aware that they are safely stored nearby.


We know that using silverware is an everyday occurrence, but many people collect fancy china and silverware with no intention of food ever touching them. China and flatware can take up a lot of space since they come in sets, and finding a place for them can be challenging. You can always take some statement pieces for decoration, but store the rest with a self-storage company. These items require proper care, so be sure to store them in a reputable self-storage company, like Jiffy.


There are many reasons why people collect wine, whether it be for personal interest, investment, or other reasons. While many people pride themselves on their impressive wine collections, they can take up a lot of space in the home. There are several factors to consider if you need to put wine into storage. First, your wine must be stashed away in a space with a cool temperature and low lighting. Also, it’s essential to lay the wine flat. When you put your wine in a horizontal direction, then the cork won’t dry out; plus, it’s more useful for saving space. 


For all your proudest accomplishments, you may have held onto trophies or medals, but stored them away. If these items are left alone, they are likely to collect dust and waste valuable space in your home. First, throw out any damaged awards you can and keep it to one box. If you still don’t have room for them, then you can put them into self-storage. 

Tips for the Storage Process

Use Correct Packaging

Not all packaging is created equal, especially if you store old paper items, such as documents or photographs. Investing in more effective protection would be an excellent idea if you want to keep your precious items intact. For instance, plastic bins are a popular option, as they prevent moisture from entering. Also, shelving helps with storage because they keep items off the ground. 

Be Mindful of Temperature  

Temperature control is necessary for any self-storage unit. We know this all too well at Jiffy Self-Storage, which is why we offer our customers the right temperature control for their most valuable possessions. Temperature control is especially crucial for family heirlooms since they are older already, and are more prone to damage. 

Lock Up Expensive Heirlooms

Some family heirlooms aren’t just sentimental, but valuable as well. If you have an expensive time, you’ll want to purchase an item, like a safe, so that you can lock them safely. Even though we pride ourselves on our extremely secure self-storage units, it’s always good to take extra precautions in case of a potential break-in. 

Research Storage Facilities

When you’re investing in a self-storage unit, you won’t want to pick the cheapest option—these are your most prized possessions, after all. Invest in a storage company, like Jiffy Self-Storage, that has a reputation for being secure, temperature-controlled, and has an excellent standing in the community.

If you were unsure about storing your family heirlooms in a self-storage facility, now you know that it’s an excellent option to free up space in your home. Be sure to follow the previously recommended precautions so you can hang on to these items for years to come. 

At Jiffy Self-Storage, our self-storage units stand out above the competition because they are explicitly designed to meet our Toronto customers’ needs. With other storage facilities, they may not have considered how to preserve their tenant’s precious items, whereas we have thought of every possible angle and value how important your things are to you. That’s why we were voted as Toronto’s best storage company by Toronto Life magazine and are a 20-time winner of the Consumers’ Choice Award for Business Excellence. 

Affordable and Exceptional Storage Services

Not only do we provide some of the top quality storage services, but we do so at an affordable price for our customers. We have been operating for over 23 years in Toronto, and our expert staff has more than 35 years of combined experience in this industry. We know what size unit will accommodate your items at an appropriate budget. We are also an accredited company with the Better Business Bureau with an A+ rating and have zero complaints filed against us.

Contact Jiffy Self-Storage Today

If you are looking for the best in storage, be sure to get in touch with us today. Simply call 416-745-4339 or fill out the contact form on our website. We can’t wait to help you store the items that are most precious to you! 

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