14 Dec 2011

‘iPhone’ tops Canadians’ search terms in 2011

In the course of a year, Canadians perform millions of internet searches for random topics and items of interest. Some of the most common ones were chronicled by classified listing website Kijiji, as it released its list of the top searches performed in 2011.

According to the website, the most popular search term this year was "iPhone," the cellphone and mobile device that millions of people have purchased throughout the world since it originally debuted in 2007. Since the original, four updated models have been released, the latest one being the iPhone 4S, which was unveiled this past October.

Some of the other most common search terms were all related to cars, namely "Mustang," Honda," "Civic" and "Jeep." The sixth most common search term was "iPad," a tablet device made by Apple that Jiffy Self-Storage gave away as a top prize during a competition earlier this year.

Zac Candelario, head of Kijiji Canada, said Canadians are performing web searches like never before.

"Based on this activity, we have a pretty good idea of what the average Canadian is wearing, doing, driving, and using," said Candelario.

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