15 Jan 2013

Comedy event goes international

In order to draw attention to themselves, several Toronto residents participated in the No Pants Subway Ride. The tradition originated in 2002 when a group of New York comedians decided they wanted to shock other riders, according to the Toronto Sun. Over the past few years, the event has expanded to about 60 cities across the globe.

Although it is more than likely most of the participants own pants, maybe some of them have acquired too many pairs over the years. While it is easy to give extra clothes to charity or loved ones, not everyone is willing to part with their favorite pair. For those who have grown attached, they can always purchase a self storage space to keep their extra clothes.

According to the Improv Everywhere site, the event is an “international celebration of silliness,” and that last year itstretched to 59 cities in 27 countries around the world. Charlie Todd, one of the event’s originators, told the Toronto Star he’s enjoyed watching the No Pants Subway Ride expand since its inception.

“It’s been crazy to watch the event grow and spread,” he said to the news source. “People enjoy being part of something bigger than themselves, and I think people appreciate that the event is solely for fun. There’s no agenda other than having a good time making others laugh.”

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