20 Oct 2011

CHF Canada urges investment with budget proposal

The Cooperative Housing Federation of Canada recently unveiled its budget proposal to the federal Standing Committee on Finance that it believes will make cities more globally competitive.

Speaking before the committee, Nicholas Gazzard, executive director of CHF Canada, offered several recommendations as to how this can be reached. For instance, he encouraged the continued investment in urban infrastructure and affordable housing so that the 1.5 million households who need financial assistance can live in their homes. He also urged lawmakers to adhere to accountability measures in the new Affordable Housing Framework.

"The benefits of targeted federal investments in infrastructure and affordable housing give the government opportunities to boost the economy and reduce the number of Canadians in housing need, while readying our cities to be competitive economic engines in the global economy," said Gazzard.

The pre-budget presentation primarily focused on the government's need to invest in Canada's cities so that the country can maintain its position as an economic leader.

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