5 Aug 2011

Bicycle use in Toronto ramps up amidst high gas prices

With gas prices at record levels and few indications they will come down any time soon, bicycle use has taken off, according to the Canadian Press.

Toronto resident Robert Lendvai is one such bicycle rider, who told the paper he has taken one of his family’s cars off the road, opting to take his bike to work instead.

Other residents told the paper they are taking advantage of the city’s bike sharing program, Bixi, which was launched in May.

Susan Shaheen, who heads the Innovative Mobility Program at the University of California, told the source Toronto’s trending away from car ownership and toward alternative sources of travel are a growing theme throughout North America.

“I definitely sense some sort of cultural shift away from ownership,” said Shaheen.

According to Bixi, individuals interested in taking part in the bike-sharing program pay an annual fee of $99, or $5 if they’re renting a bicycle for a day. The cost is $12 for 72 hours.

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