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22 Oct 2018

How to Store Souvenirs without Them Becoming Unnecessary Clutter

Whether you spent a weekend in Banff or a month in Morocco, chances are you’ve collected a bunch of souvenirs during your time away. From travel brochures to exotic trinkets, it’s hard to part with the mementos we’ve collected during our travels. They not only serve as scorecards of the places we’ve been, but also remind us of the freedom and passion we felt while exploring the world. Let’s face it though — souvenirs usually end up collecting dust in an old box at the back of our closets. They get tossed to the side and become useless clutter. So how can we showcase them in a way that’s practical, yet honours the memories of a lifetime? Here are some tips on how to store your souvenirs so they don’t end up becoming junk.

Scan Tickets, Brochures and Other Scraps of Paper

We all have that friend who loves to hoard seemingly meaningless things from her travels. This can include boarding passes, train tickets, travel brochures, and receipts from obscure gift shops at a Middle East street market. If you also have a pile of paper-based mementos, consider scanning them instead. This way, you can still keep a record of your souvenirs without having to physically keep them. Create a digital collection of all your memories and store them in computer files based on location. This is a more efficient way to revisit those souvenirs without having to rifle through piles of scrap paper.

Display Your Favourite Trinkets

That beautiful perfume bottle from Egypt or that gold Hindu statue from India may be too precious to throw away. When trinkets collect dust, they tend to lose their value and become forgotten over time. What once seemed exquisite can end up looking like a tacky knick-knack. Avoid this by displaying your favourite trinkets in a glass display cabinet or bookshelf. This way, the souvenirs will be protected from damage, and they’ll be a good conversation starter when you have guests over. Although most trinkets tend to be cheaply manufactured, they can look very pretty when properly displayed and cared for.

Use Your Souvenirs

Many seasoned travellers tend to move away from the trinkets and will bring home things they can actually use. Teaspoons from London, chopsticks from South Korea, or quirky pens from boutique hotels are just some of the practical souvenirs out there. If you’ve got a collection of useful mementos, use them. Don’t save them for ‘special days’ either. Use those chopsticks to each Chinese take-out and bust out those hotel pens to jot down your grocery list. Accept the fact that these souvenirs may get worn out and just enjoy them in the present!

Store Bulkier Souvenirs in a Self-Storage Unit

Sometimes we just don’t have the room to keep all our souvenirs, especially the big ones. Perhaps you have a Persian rug from your travels to Tehran or an extensive vase collection from your trips to China. Protect these valuables in a self-storage unit, freeing up space within your home. Storage units are convenient because you can access your belongings anytime. So if you enjoy displaying some of these larger souvenirs, put them in a rotation. Retrieve specific pieces from your unit each season, and put the current set into storage until next. Remember to opt for a climate-controlled facility to protect antique items or those made of wood and leather. Moisture and humidity can warp, crack, or discolour certain materials. Here are some other features to look for when choosing a storage facility:

  • 24-hour video surveillance
  • Individual door alarms
  • Gated complex with access code entry
  • Rodent and pest control
  • Convenient access hours

Many storage facilities also offer packing supplies to ensure your souvenirs are well-protected from chips, scratches, and other damage. When putting items in your unit, be sure to place the ones you won’t need towards the back. And the ones that will require periodic access towards the front.

Use All Your Photos to Make a Massive Accent Wall

When it comes to accent walls, forget about using a bold wallpaper or dramatic paint colour. Instead, print out all your travel photos and use them to cover an entire area. Some of the best places for an accent wall are in your home office, art studio, bedroom, or living room. For the cleanest look, make sure all your pictures are colour-printed in the same size on high-quality paper. This accent wall will be the talk of the party, and you can certainly spend hours reminiscing about all the wonderful places you’ve been. Check out this great online tutorial to create your perfect masterpiece. If making an accent wall seems too overwhelming, how about a smaller project? Consider photocopying your old plane and train tickets onto coloured cardstock and framing them instead!

For more information about our storage options, or to receive a quote based on your storage needs, call Jiffy Self Storage at 416-74-JIFFY or contact us here.

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