4 Sep 2015

Five Things To Do Before Leaving For A Long Vacation

The excitement of a long vacation can often be overshadowed by the preparation. There are flights and hotels to book, routes to plan, and cities to be researched, but what about everything back at home?

To Do For A Long Vacation

Here are five tips to keep your home and possessions safe and secure while you travel—and give yourself the peace of mind needed to enjoy your vacation!

  1. Get Your Documents In OrderOrganize all the documents you need for travel—passports, tickets, boarding passes—and keep them extra secure by photocopying them and taking photos.
  2. Call Your BankMake sure to phone your bank to let them know you will be travelling. The last thing you need is your card getting declined in a new city!
  3. Take Care of Your HouseMake sure to have someone to take care of your home, including lawn, garden, and houseplants while you are away. Make sure all lights and other electrical appliances are turned off and unplugged. If you have a spare key hidden somewhere, bring it inside (but make sure you have keys with you)!

    Take security measures like alarms into account, as well as making sure all windows and doors are locked. These measure differ if you have someone coming by to housesit or pet-sit.

    Having someone come and take care of your house is a great idea, both because they will keep things maintained, but also to deter burglars who may see an obviously empty home.

  4. Get a Storage UnitOf course we’d suggest it, but getting a storage unit is really the only way to ensure your valuables are safe while you’re away on vacation. Any valuable items like artwork, antiques, collectibles, jewelry, electronics, musical instruments, and important documents, are at a huge risk for theft or damage if left in your home or apartment for a long period of time.

    Not only will a storage unit keep your things safe from theft, it will also keep them in a climate-controlled, secure space, and protect them from any other disasters like fire or flooding.

    If you are renting an apartment, it may be easier and cheaper in the long run to give your notice and move all your belongings into a storage space. Depending on how long you’re going to be gone for, it may not make sense to continue paying rent.

    If you do want to hold onto your apartment, getting someone to sub-let can also help you save money. Moving your important belongings into a storage unit is definitely important if there is someone else living in your apartment while you’re gone.

  5. Take Care of BusinessMake sure everything runs smoothly while you’re gone. Set your email to auto-reply so colleagues, family, and friends know you may take longer to reply. Pay any bills that are due. Tying up these loose ends will just give you less things to worry about while you’re away enjoying yourself!
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