25 Aug 2011

Commutes lengthy for Toronto workers

A new survey reveals where some of Canadians' longest commutes are located. And according to the poll, Toronto tops the list.

Statistics Canada reports that among full-time workers in Canada, Toronto-area drivers tend to get stuck in traffic jams most often at 29 percent, followed by Montreal and Vancouver at 26 percent and 25 percent, respectively.

The report also detailed the average commute time for Canadians. At 33 minutes, Toronto travellers had the longest average.

Despite the long travel times, the survey also found that workers were generally unconcerned with their length. For instance, 85 percent of commuters said they were satisfied with the commute period, with 15 percent being dissatisfied.

In addition, the survey detailed the modes in which Canadians travelled. At 82 percent, the most common form was travelling by car, followed by 12 percent who take public transportation and 6 percent who ride a bike or walk.

Due to a variety of circumstances, some Canadians have opted to put their bicycles and seasonal cars into Toronto storage and take the subway or train to work. But according to the survey, a considerable percentage of respondents started using their cars again because they thought public transit was inconvenient. 

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