23 Sep 2016

The 5 Best Storage Solutions For Toys

As a parent, it can be difficult to keep your child’s play area tidy. It can also be challenging to maintain toy storage spaces without toys falling on the floor and becoming tripping hazards. Don’t let toys take over your home—instead, turn to our experts for the latest storage solutions! Here are some tips on the best storage solutions for toys.

Unique Toy Storage Options

  1. Use Hanging Totes

    Tote bags are ideal containers for children’s toys because they are easily moved by children themselves and can be hung from hooks on doors or walls throughout the play area. It’s important to label hanging totes with the toys that go inside so that the child knows which bag they have to look through to find their favourite toy. Each bag should also have a set place within the playroom to encourage organization.

  2. Consider Modular Options

    Modular options such as benches help to keep an open feel to the playroom area. A bench with cubbies underneath can help provide a furniture option, while allowing the child quick access to their most popular toys. Low and wide draws can be used to store larger toys such as board games and puzzles.

  3. Use Books as Décor

    Children’s books can bring a unique splash of colour to rooms across the home and so you can use them to decorate walls throughout play areas. Start by organizing books by colour and then place them in forward facing book shelves within the play space. This will ensure that the child’s favourite books are available to them but will also help keep the area looking its aesthetic best and always ready for visitors.

  4. Capitalize on Under the Bed Storage

    Roll-out drawers placed under the child’s bed are the ideal product for assuring a clean bedroom as they play with their toys over the coming years. These toy storage areas make it easy for the child to place the belongings away and offer quick access should they want to bring the toy out in the future.

  5. Hang a Pegboard for Doll Clothes

    Use a pegboard to hang up any doll clothes and encourage your children to place the clothing back on the board after they’re finishing playing. Pegboards can also be used to store socks, toiletries and other products in the child’s room.

Our expert team is available now to help organize your child’s belongings. To learn more, contact our offices today!

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